Among the many startup companies that joined TechCrunch's Disrupt NY 2016 this week, O-Robotix made themselves pretty well known, despite not winning the contest, thanks to their remarkable product, SeaDrone.

Many drone developments in recent years have focused on airborne technologies, but O-Robotix is seizing an unnoticed share of the drone market: underwater applications.

Co-founder Eduardo Moreno said in the event that SeaDrone is like an underwater quadcopter, small and versatile, incorporating self-stabilizing technologies many aerial drones have today—which is actually a key feature of this drone.

This technology keeps the drone at level underwater, leaving out the need for the user to focus on piloting, but instead on what is actually being observed.

The company asserts that they made everything as "smart" as possible with the intention of making user-experience highly intuitive. The drone is controlled through a powerful tablet app capable of not just recording footage, but also creating an integrated logbook of data.

After all, SeaDrone was not intended for recreation. O-Robotix intends to provide cheaper solutions to aquaculture industries and underwater inspections, leaving out the need for specialists.

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