Technology has been making great strides in the realm of real-time translation, but the invention of the world’s first wearable translator—a pioneer of its kind—is a major breakthrough. The device, which can be worn around one’s neck, breaks the language barrier and actually makes communication a breeze.

To use, one simply has to push a button on the ili, recite the sentence that you need translated and it repeats what you said in the translated language.

Notably, there is no need for users to be connected to the internet or WiFi connections. The gadgets runs on its own built-in translation engine combined with a speech synthesis chipset, allowing it to do all the translations effectively. It also comes loaded with a travel lexicon library making an essential tool to have for jet-setters and globe trotting backpackers.

Language Barriers

Unveiled at the 2016 CES, the device is a hit among avid travel consumers who want a more convenient translation platform that doesn’t require internet connectivity and uses voice, not text.

Made by Logbar, the device will definitely add more languages in the future, but it is only currently able to translate English, Chinese and Japanese as of its unveiling. According to the company, the process is taking longer than most consumers would expect, given that they are focusing their attention on delivering precise translations rather than the typical, almost nonsensical and literal verbiage that text-based translation tools deliver.

Expect the next version to come equipped with French, Thai and Korean translations, followed by Spanish, Italian and Arabic.

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