Google just unveiled their latest messaging tool "Allo"—a standalone app that functions like any other messaging app you have on your smartphone. The new app has one clear advantage over its predecessors, though— it comes with machine learning built right in.

As explained in the I/O keynote, Allo is designed to learn over time, making conversations easier and more productive. Allo makes your phone into the ultimate smartphone. Emphasis on smart.


Allo's features include emojis and stickers, gesture controls, the option to send full-bleed photos and doodle on them (much like Snapchat), an incognito mode to ensure private messages, and Smart Reply.

The Smart Reply features works closely with Google Assistant and makes the most out of the machine learning capability of the app. If you type that you’re craving pizza, Smart Reply will automatically pull up options for deliveries from nearby restaurants. Users can also type “@google” in the chat window to talk with a robot the same way that you'd talk to a search engine.

Allo, for Android and iOS, will be available later this summer.

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