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Is it possible to change the way we consume information on the internet? It will be if Jerry Yue, a 24 year old entrepreneur, gets his way. Yue has managed to assemble a team of engineers to form Brain LLC—a company that claims to have created an advanced algorithm to bring up the most relevant answers to search queries without users having to sift through search results.

Right now, Brain LLC is already capable of answering questions on Quora for potential advice seekers and giving answers with startling accuracy, but Yue and his team says that it’s only the beginning.

“At a high level… if Google is a search engine this is an ambition engine,” said Yue. He illustrates his concept for search technology in a blog post he published:

“The time between a person’s need and the ability to satisfy it through the web is shrinking. The human brain and the internet are converging. Thinking 'I want a cheeseburger' and getting one instantly is certainly as intuitive as it gets. But what if that cheeseburger is bad for you? What if you wanted to run the Boston marathon over the summer? What if you suffer from bad cholesterol?

If the internet knew these things about you — your past history and your longterm goals — it could systematically feed you content about lowering your cholesterol; it could devise an ideal workout regimen for the marathon. It could go beyond intuitiveness and actually serve as your intuition, providing you with revelatory content that solves your longterm problems.

....It is time for the internet to do more than satisfy the lower end of Maslow’s hierarchy; is time for it to satisfy your highest self. At The Brain, this is is our ultimate mission.”

Sample Brain user profile. Image Credit: Brain LLC

Ultimately, Brain is meant to evolve and become, well, a complementary tool to a user’s own brain.

This could mean having a virtual assistant that is leaps and bounds more intuitive than anything we have today because it operates based on a very detailed user profile such as who they are, what they do, and other aspirational details.

This information will now be used to cull the most relevant information given what the user needs and what will be most useful to them given this information.

Down the line, Brain will combine all its data with a social platform to connect users who share similar interests. But right now, the technology is impressive enough that it is able to anticipate user needs in terms search preferences and requirements.

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