Keeping good track of code is so important, one major code repository sealed its entire archive into a bunker that's hardened against a nuclear blast. And while that may be overkill for your personal projects, rookie programmers in particular might wish they had their own bunker when their code breaks. The Python Programming & Git Certification Bundle not only teaches you how to code, but also how to document and track your work. It's on sale for just $28.98 (reg. $1,800).

Master Coding

Each of these 9 courses (rated as high as 4.6/5 stars) were designed and picked for the bundle by Coding Gears, a team of working programmers dedicated to ensuring code is accessible to everyone. The bundle first focuses on Python, showing you how it works from scratch.

If you've never used a command line before, the first course lays out the fundamentals of code. It then applies those lessons to the basics of Python with an online lab and a course on object-oriented programming, before discussing package management and virtual environments. You'll have a full sense of how coding in Python works and how to manage your project.

Track Your Projects

Then the bundle moves into using Git to track your work. Git is an open-source tool that serves as a repository of all knowledge for your project; what you've changed, when you changed it, and it can even help you track why.

3 of the bundle's courses touch on Git's fundamentals, how to use your Git archive to find your project's history, rewrite it, and reset it if you're starting from scratch, and how to branch out a project or merge together branches. That way, you'll always know how your project came together.

The bundle closes with a course on YAML, a markup language that makes adding notes and details on your code simpler and easier. If you've ever been left wondering why you did something, YAML makes it easy to remember.

Get the Python Programming & Git Certification Bundle for $28.98 (reg. $1,800)

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