How we speak says a lot about us, possibly even when we're sick. Yet what we say says so much more. Learning how to speak a new language is a great skill for work, to keep your brain sharp, and just to have fun, and for a limited time, you can save an extra $100 off a Babbel lifetime subscription.

Learning Languages The Smart Way

Babbel has been teaching languages since 2007, collecting over ten million users and hundreds of thousands of positive reviews on the App Store and the Google Play Store. That's due to how it's designed, which is around modern linguistics, incorporating the work of over 100 linguists.

The best way to learn a new language is to base short lessons off of everyday experiences. Babbel does exactly that, grounding ten to fifteen minute lessons in everyday circumstances — like shopping or asking for directions. The familiar helps you pick up and retain words, mapping them to the language you already use, and each lesson returns to vocabulary to put it into better context..

Learning From Native Speakers

In addition, Babbel lessons are taught by people speaking casually in their native tongue, not the stiff and formal instructions all too familiar from language tapes. That way, you'll pick up the language with the sounds people actually use to speak it.

The lessons are a mix of conversation, speaking, and writing, focusing on the topics you care about. Pick up some useful phrases for a country you're planning to visit, or develop a deeper understanding of a foreign language on your way to becoming fluent.

The lifetime subscription gives you access to all fourteen languages, offline lessons to use when you're away from signal, cross-platform usage so you'll always have a lesson handy, and personalized review sessions to keep yourself on track.

For a limited time price drop, you can get a Babbel lifetime subscription for $199 (reg. $499).

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