The reading world has done another 180. E-book sales are now falling while hard copy book sales are back on the rise. The only thing that goes better with a book than a bubble bath is a good bookmark.

A Japanese designer named Kouichi Okamoto created a bookmark with a twist. He calls it the Bookmark Light. In the light of day, it is just like any ordinary bookmark out there. However, in the dark, it can transform into a night light. You no longer need to bring that flashlight to read under the covers.

Credit: Kyouei Design

In order for the light to operate, a lithium coin battery is placed into a slot and then the film is folded to complete a circuit. The current is conducted by a combination of silver and a nanoparticle ink.

The bookmark can be bought online via the Kyohei Works website for ¥2, 128 or roughly $20, which includes shipping fees.

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