What seemed before like science fiction is now a rapidly growing and evolving technology. Artificial intelligence transforms the way the world works. Now, AI is a powerful problem-solving tool in numerous functions of society. Previously tedious steps industrial production is automated by robots that can anticipate changes in the system. In businesses, bulk amounts of fed data are easily manipulated and responses are faster and more reliable.

The SONY CSL Research Laboratory, however, proves that AI is not just for solving technical work and business problems. AI gets creative in their music-composing programs called Flow Machines.

In the style of The Beatles, Daddy's Car is an exciting juxtaposition of yesterday's music and the technology of the future.

Daddy's Car was released alongside Mr Shadow, a song inspired from American songwriters including Irving Berlin and Duke Ellington.

The software works by using a user-specified music style to generate audio chunks optimized from an enormous database of songs. Lead sheets are generated. The human composer finishes the editing and production. Composer Benoît Carré arranged Daddy's Car, and wrote the lyrics.

So, no, the AI didn't completely create the song, but it did play a big part.

What could the future be like with the artistic AI? We'll get to know more when SONY releases their AI pop album in 2017.

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