When we talk about language, we tend to focus on spoken language. Even artificial intelligence is working to "speak" in our voices. Yet gesture is just as important as words, and American Sign Language (ASL) has quickly evolved into a language all its own. The Ultimate Learn American Sign Language Bundle is designed not just to teach you a new language, but a new appreciation for what it means to communicate.

If you're completely new to ASL, the bundle starts with a full two-hour course on the manual alphabet, the foundation of sign language. Then you can explore pronouns and vocabulary, to begin building your visual library of signs. You'll learn fingerspelling with a series of exercises and challenges, which will help you get a practical sense of the manual alphabet, learn essential phrases, which will begin a more complex exploration of ASL, and master the basics of communication, such as days and phrases.

From there, the bundle is designed to move you through a string of different sets of words to create a practical everyday mastery of ASL. You'll learn how parents and children communicate, how to communicate emotions with signs, how occupations and the workplace use sign language, country names, animals and numbers, colors, antonyms, and action verbs.

The course closes with three more advanced classes to help you master the languages. "Tom Loves Ruth" and "Holly Arrested Kurt" combine all of the skills you've learned from the 19 other courses into a comprehensive look at signing that will set the stage for more advanced work. The narrative reinforces remembering specific signs and will require mastery of every skill. It's ideal to learn for a more inclusive workplace, to communicate with the hard of hearing, or simply to master a new skill.

Normally this ultimate bundle would cost $4179, but right now, you can get over a thousand lessons in ASL for just $19.99.

Prices subject to change.

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