The Upgrades

The local government of Lagos, Nigeria has recently announced that they are considering deploying drones to monitor developments, collect data, and to fight crime in the state. This is in addition to the 1,000 surveillance cameras that have recently been installed across the city. The Commissioner for Science and Technology Olufemi Odubiyi shares that "the present administration is set to deploy technology to dispassionately drive efficient allocation and development of resources" and they are upgrading their Enterprise GIS platform to improve their citizen-government relations.

Drones to Fight Crime

If the Nigerian government does indeed decide to implement the drone program, this won't be the first time the country has used drones to fight crime. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation recently deployed drones to monitor surrounding ships in key coastal areas for oil theft prevention. The Nigerian government has lost $150B in oil theft in the last decade. Crude theft is also seen as a possible concern in the city of Lagos as drilling for newly discovered oil reserves will begin within the year.

Here is a drone made by the Nigerian Air Force back in 2013:


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