Reusable rockets are one of the world’s biggest breakthroughs the past years. Instead of being destroyed, discarded, and forgotten after their maiden voyage, rockets can be launched, refueled and reused for another trip.

SpaceX is one of the leading companies building these rockets. That is because CEO Elon Musk plans on not only flying people to Mars and back, but also colonizing the red planet. In this year’s Code Conference, Musk declared that SpaceX will be sending a test ship to Mars in 2018, followed by a spacecraft to transport people on the Red Planet on 2025.

Getting the spacecraft to Mars is far easier than landing it. This stems from the fact that Mars has an atmosphere that is 1000 times thinner than Earth’s. Therefore, if something goes wrong, and the people in the spacecraft are lucky enough to be within Mars’ atmosphere when it happens, parachutes will not be able to save them.

Watch the video with Musk's plans to overcome the immense challenges of Martian terrain, and safely sending people to Mars…and back.

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