A San Francisco-based company noticed that most bicycles available in the market are sold in basic packages wherein the owner is expected to purchase add-on items such as lights and anti-theft devices. Volata Cycles wants their product to include everything a rider needs, right from the moment a bicycle is purchased.

Unsurprisingly, this comes with a price tag...a big one.

But the product does include a built-in computer with a 2.4-inch screen, and it has Strava integration (a social network for athletes) through Volata's own app. Also included are built-in front and rear lights, an electronic horn, a charger for your battery, and a three-part anti-theft system.

Credit: Volata

As was mentioned, the bike from Volata has a higher price as compared to other bikes available on the market. It requires $299 for a pre-order and $3, 200 upon delivery, for a grand total of $3, 499. Depending on just how much you bike, for its price and considering the tech that it includes, it is a pretty okay deal.

The startup company plans to begin shipping the bikes by July 2017. Demos and test rides are already being performed in various locations.

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