AR Meets VR

Sulon Technologies is working with AMD to create the mother of all technologies. They are out to make the world’s first all-in-one wear and play headset—a headset that will work for VR, AR ,and spatial computing. During a pre-Games Developers Conference “Capsaicin” event hosted by AMD, CEO Lisa Su and SVP Raja Koduri said that VR and gaming will be their top two markets going forward.

The company presented a video named “Magic Beans” which was shot using the Sulon Q hardware. The video showcased a realistic augmented reality scene that seamlessly transitioned into a VR experience. The video looks like it was just shot in the company office, but the demo is reminiscent of video demos from Magic Leap and Microsoft’s Hololens.

Sulon Q is un-tethered just like the Hololens, which presents a big advantage over most other VR headsets. Unlike many other AR headsets, it features a full-face headset like the Oculus Rift and not a clear see-through display. In augmented reality mode, view of the outside world is instead provided by cameras.

Tech Specs

The Sulon Q will run Windows 10 on an embedded AMD FX-8800P processor with Radeon R7 Graphics. It will feature 110-degree FOV on a WQHD (2560×1440 resolution) screen. It will support DirectX 12 and Vulkan, and will integrate AMD’s LiquidVR technology.

Sulon Technologies says that the headset will be coming in Spring, and it is assumed that this will be a developer unit and will not be a consumer release.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are incredibly promising areas of growth in the tech industry, and the Sulon Q bringing both together in one untethered device can seem like the Holy Grail of cutting edge technology.

Outside of the video demo, the actual headset was seen onstage, held by the Sulon CEO but was carefully hidden under his jacket.

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