A Peculiar AI

It's not unusual to find predictions for the upcoming year whenever the end of the current one draws near. These tend to be more for the sake of fun and a means of reflection on the past, or a basic look toward what's to come—not real attempts at predicting the future. Well, UNU (the world's first artificial swarm intelligence) takes its predictions more seriously, and rightly so, for it's been on a streak of accurate predictions for 2016.

Swarm intelligence is a different take on artificial intelligence (AI). It's a kind of AI that is inherently human, an elevated intelligence that's a collection of knowledge and insights from a pool of human minds. It's not purely artificial, so to speak. "We believe this is a safer path to building something smarter than ourselves, for it ensures the resulting intelligence will shares our goals and aspirations, our emotions and empathy, and most importantly our morals and values," says UNU's developers.

Ever since Unanimous AI created UNU, journalists and major media outlets have been eager to test just how accurate artificial swarm intelligence can be, especially after UNU correctly predicted the winners of the Kentucky Derby.


Yearlong Predictions

Now included in UNU's growing list of superbly accurate predictions are correct forecasts of the Super Bowl, the Oscars, the Stanley Cup, and now, the full post-season of Major League baseball.

Perhaps the most surprising of all was UNU's Major League baseball forecasts, where it correctly predicted which two teams would battle it out in the World Series and which team would win (it was the Cubs, in case you forgot).

You can see a demonstration of the question being answered in the gif below.


“We're as amazed as anyone that UNU was able to predict the outcome of the baseball season three months ago, identifying the Cubs vs Indians as the World Series matchup," said Louis Rosenberg, founder of Unanimous A.I. "As for the Cubs winning it all, we were a little nervous when they fell behind 3 games to 1, especially considering the 108-year old curse, but UNU managed to make the right call.”

Harnessing the power of AI in this manner can prove beneficial in the future. Beyond just helping to win bets in games, AI could predict trends in the stock market, assist with climate modeling, and forcast a number of other important issues — more so, since artificial swarm intelligence is said to be capable of outperforming more conventional AI.

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