Artificial intelligence is bringing narrators back from the dead and replacing low-level fast food jobs, but can it help you conquer writer's block and get that Facebook ad for your business written? With the Writesonic starter plan, the answer is yes. Valued at $5340, a lifetime subscription is on sale now for just $69.99.

Writing Copy With AI

Unlike longer forms of writing, copywriting has tight technical standards and rigorous formulas that you need to abide by. Good ad copy is short, concise, clear, and to the point. That makes it ideal for AI. And, since it's AI, it can automatically translate and tweak copy in 24 different languages.

Writesonic teaches its AI with the best of the best. It takes top performing copy from brands across an enormous range of industries, and a wide array of content types, and uses it to show the AI what works. The engine is trained on top-ranked website copy, social media ad copy, article copy, and basic copywriting formulas like pain-agitate-solution to create both copy you can use and thought-starters. And as you offer feedback, it gets better.

How It Works

Writesonic starts with a process where you provide the information you want to communicate, including the type of copywriting, the name of the product, a short description of what it does, the occasion you want to celebrate, and any coupons or special offers you want to feature.

Rated 4.9/5 stars on AppSumo, Writesonic then draws from its library and writes the first pass of the copy. If it works for you, then copy and paste, or edit it to say exactly what you want, breaking through writer's block. In the starter plan, you get 25 credits, ideal if you've got a new business with light ad copy needs, or need to occasionally shake things up for what you're writing.

Get a lifetime subscription to the Writesonic starter plan for $69.99 (reg. $5340), 98% off.

Prices subject to change.

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