H700 Shenzhen: Meet the Garden-Topped Megatower of Tomorrow

China looks to be building up, literally.

9. 17. 16 by Michelle Lee
bKL Architecture LLC
Image by bKL Architecture LLC


A super sleek and elegant building plan for the H700 Shenzhen Tower has been submitted for approval. The skyscraper, designed by bKL Architecture, will be 739m (2,424 ft) high, 3rd highest in the world. Jeddah Tower, in Saudi Arabia, is currently under construction but will be the tallest in the world upon completion at 1,000m (3,280 ft) and 2nd is Burj Khalifa in Dubai standing at  830m (2,723 ft). The new tower will also surpass China’s current highest building, the Shanghai Tower, 632m (2,073 ft).

Plans for the H700 Shenzhen tower

The project, developed by Shenzhen Kingkey Group, will be located in the developing Luohu district, which connects Shenzhen to Hong Kong. It will be the highlight of Shenzhen’s Caiwuwei financial and commercial area. Beside the Shenzhen Tower is another tower which is still unnamed, but will be around 680m (2,230 ft) high, and will likely be linked to the H700 tower via a flyover.


A spacious sky garden will be the tower’s attraction at the top. The plans also features a public plaza that will provide retail, civic, and institutional programs.

As described by the Architects from bKL Architecture, “the tower’s elegant form is composed of three transforming design components: the shape, the structure, and the sky gardens, all three design components ground the tower in a continuous interaction between people and nature. the tower is bold, technical, and strong, while at the same time refined, natural, and elegant.”


China is currently having a surge of skyscraper development. The Jakarta Post reported that of the ten skyscrapers to be completed this year reviewed by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat of the US, six will be erected in China.

The plans for H700 Shenzhen Tower have yet to be formally approved.

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