What do the brain-bending perspective puzzler Superliminal, beloved internet meme/stealth game Untitled Goose Game, and Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour all have in common? The engine they were built on, Unity. Game engines are the framework video games are built on, providing the graphics, the AI, and more, and Unity has quickly caught on as a powerful and free engine anybody can pick up and use, and that can run games on multiple platforms.

The Game Developer and Player Bundle Ft. PlayStation Plus, just $99.99, 98% off the MSRP, will not only get you started on Unity but also get you a year of PlayStation Plus and a lifetime subscription to a VPN to boot.

Learning Unity

Unity isn't just a powerful engine in and of itself; it's also an excellent learning tool to begin building games and interactive experiences. Unity is used to create 2D games, 3D games, VR games like the recent Iron Man VR, and to build and test models for multiple industries and even create special effects and cinematics for big screen movies. The bundle starts with four courses to build your game design skills.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019: This 12-hour course will take you through Unity step by step, across 172 lessons, using interactive challenges and specific lessons to introduce you to its C# framework and how it applies to game development.
  • The Unity C# Survival Guide: C# is a lot more than just a coding language for games, and this course uses the lessons of game development, over its 12 hours, to dive deep into the code and show you what's happening as you develop games.
  • The Ultimate Guide to 2D Mobile Game Development: Mobile gaming is the biggest audience on the planet, and building mobile games is a great place to learn the theory of game design and put ideas into practice. This nine-hour course offers a code-along dungeon crawler when you'll learn design skills, coding skills, and the business skills necessary to start getting your game out there.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Cinematography with Unity: When you want to tell more complex stories, Unity has the tools to create awesome cutscenes. This course has you create four of them across 11 hours, using features like Timeline and Cinemachine to create compelling storylines.

Once you're ready to delve more deeply, you'll have a lifetime membership to the School of Game Design. The School has plenty of courses on every possible aspect of building a video game, from additional work in Unity to more advanced topics that will push your game design further and give you a greater appreciation of the games you play.

...And Some Free Games To Go With It

If that wasn't already a packed bundle, this one comes with both a 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus and a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited. VPN Unlimited keeps your work private and accessible from anywhere, by giving you a strong, secure connection with no speed or bandwidth limits, so you can work on your game wherever you have your laptop.

PlayStation Plus, meanwhile, gives you free games every month and deep discounts on others for a whole year, while giving you access to online multiplayer. A year's subscription is normally $60, making this an even better deal for gamers.

Gaming is an art form, and as it becomes more accessible, we'll see unique games we've never experienced before. If you want to join in, or there's a game you want to put out there, the Mega Gamer Course & Software Bundle will put you on the road to gaming success.

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