Anki’s Vector isn’t exactly a robotic pet, and he isn’t exactly another home assistant either. He’s somewhere in between, blurring the line between utility and play in a way that only Anki can nail. Unlike other home assistants, Vector is a robot sidekick you’ll actually want to hang out with. He can recognize his owners, express joy (or sadness) depending on his mood, and is generally just fun to have around your home. “Hey Vector” triggers his built-in utilities and voice commands and evokes a much more emotive response than any other home assistant we’ve seen. Vector is like a lovable puppy, his mood lights up when he sees someone he recognizes. With a variety of fun features (blackjack, anyone?), and an upcoming option to add Amazon Alexa, he’s as much functional as he is fun. And after spending a day with him, we’d much rather interact with Vector over the other “brick-based” home assistants. If only all AI were this friendly. Get yours today

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