Way to go, humanity — we've officially killed Freya the globe-trotting walrus.

Back in July, Freya made headlines for her love of sunbathing on small Nordic boats, several of which she accidentally sank with her giant 1,500-pound body. At the time, authorities planned to build her a special floating platform that could support her weight so they could move her gently down the coast to a better location.

She'll never set sail, however, because earlier today Bloomberg reported Freya had to be euthanized. Officials said humans just couldn't keep their dirty paws to themselves, and refused to heed multiple warnings to stay away from the potentially dangerous animal. As a tourist attraction, many wanted to pose for pictures with her.

"Through on-site observations the past week it was made clear that the public has disregarded the current recommendation to keep a clear distance to the walrus," Norwegian Fisheries Directorate official Frank Bakke-Jensen said in a statement reported in part by both EuroNews and Bloomberg. "Therefore, the Directorate has concluded, the possibility for potential harm to people was high and animal welfare was not being maintained."

Officials also said that because Freya seemed to be in distress, it was increasingly possible she could've attacked and harmed a human — and it's not the first time our inability to respect wildlife has gotten a beloved animal euthanized.

There's almost no way anyone has forgotten Harambe, the 17-year-old gorilla shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2016, but just in case, it's worth mentioning he had to be put down after a 3-year-old child fell into his exhibit. Harambe dragged the child but did not attack.

Freya's death was ordered over less human interaction than even Harambe's.

Human life is precious, and nobody would ever wish harm upon a child or an adult, but why are we continuously allowed to let our own stupidity harm non-human animals? Are we really sure their lives are less important than our own?

Hopefully Freya can find peace now, even if humans never seem to.

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