Batmobile Inspired

There are a number of different futuristic forms of travel that are in the works. There is the hyperloop, the hoverboard, and that turn into a unicycle?


Ford’s new patent may not be as awesome as as the Bruce Wayne’s trusty Batmobile, but this is certainly as close as the world can get to the technology. At least for now. Ford’s patent actually follows a similar basic concept to what we see in the movie: A fully functional vehicle that can be separated into another vehicle. In this case, it becomes a one-wheeled form of travel, not a motorcycle.

So while it may not be as cool as its movie counterpart, it is certainly a handy feature to have.

According to the patent, the car will use an automated jack system that will be activated to raise the car and allow the tire to separate itself from the vehicle. The vehicle is designed to become self-powered, with its own battery, electric motor, a seat, and even foot rests. The small size would also make it easily maneuverable across narrow streets.

Once removed from the car, the entire vehicle, of course, cannot be operated (as it is missing a tire). Essentially, this means that the tech also serves as kind of anti-theft feature.

To get a clearer picture of how Ford envisions the technology to work, check out this video below.

Two In One

What would anyone need a two in one vehicle for?

Imagine having to drive to work in an office located in highly urbanized and congested areas. Most have to settle for parking in satellite parking lots, at least a block away from the office. For anyone who uses the this car, it simply means a driver can disengage the single wheeled motorcycle from their car and cycle their way to their respective workplaces.

The technology is eyeing those who frequently commute to big cities where parking and heavy traffic is a constant issue. And while it does require some light assembly before use, it proves to be a convenient feature for anyone trying to find a more efficient way to get around congested cities.

Of course, since this is just the patent, it won't be coming out anytime soon. However, it's a neat look at what the future may have in store.

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