It feels like a little magic every time I use the control panel on the right side of my Flexispot Pro Plus E7. The cat arches her back as if she’s spotted a genie, while quietly, with minimal noise, the bamboo surface of my generously sized desk smoothly rises up from sitting position to standing. The desk’s lift is so smooth in fact that the little stress ball I keep on my desk doesn’t even start rolling.

The Flexispot Pro Plus E7 is a standing desk that’s built around the idea that maybe sitting all day, all the time, might not be the best thing for health and productivity. In my estimation, the Flexispot is about the most ergonomic upgrade you can get for a home office. Switching from standing to sitting throughout the day will have you working more productively and feeling better than you ever would with a basic desk.

What is the Flexispot Pro Plus E7?

Standing desks are height-adjustable desks that allow you to go from sitting to standing while using the same piece of furniture. These desks have become very popular additions to home offices, and Flexispot has emerged as one of the leading brands among standing-desk providers. In addition to standing desks, the company is known for standing-desk converters, standard desks, and desk accessories.

The Flexispot E7 is an electric standing desk. Using two motors, the E7 is controlled by a small panel on the front that smoothly raises and lowers the desk top to the height you want with the press of a button. You can easily program the panel to your taste, with customizable heights, and simple up-down control, which gives you more fluid height control than you’d expect.

Setting up the Flexispot Pro Plus E7

The Flexspot E7’s setup is a significant undertaking for one person. It arrives in two cardboard boxes which are very heavy. In spite of the box’s notice that warns you it’s a two-person job, I carried both boxes up the flights of stairs to my apartment solo, and regretted that decision by the time I crossed the second-floor landing. The desk’s build-out would also be better with two people. The steel frame parts are very heavy, and attaching the hardware to the wood topper is difficult and cumbersome. However, this is to be expected with such sturdy, high-grade motor columns and heavy-duty supports.

Outside of its weight, the engineering that went into the desk’s assembly is about as straightforward and solid as one could ask for, with all applicable screws shipping in a convenient multi-pouch plastic bag that includes the required Allen wrench. Only one set of screws uses another tool, as these are meant to be compatible with a drill — though I used a Phillips-head screwdriver myself.


The E7 ships with a few options for desktop material, including hardwoods like rubberwood and black walnut, as well as fiberboard, chipboard, and bamboo (I went with bamboo). The desk’s steel legs and support frame come in a couple of colorways, and are just as sturdy as one could hope for. The company claims a 355-pound load capacity, and I don’t think that figure is too grossly inflated. I don’t doubt my desk could hold my weight with a decent amount of capacity to spare. The desk’s fifteen-year warranty provides plenty of leeway should the desk not meet your expectations. 

A wire management tray screws on as part of the foundation and keeps the device’s numerous wires tucked out of the site. You can also increase the functionality of the desk with a range of accessories. The desk’s standard control panel contains one USB-A charging slot, and the desk must remain plugged in for it to operate.

I recommend the chemical-free bamboo top for your E7, as it won’t off-gas harmful chemicals into your home or office. I was also pleased to see that my desk did not feature a California Proposition-65 warning, meaning neither the frame nor the desktop contain dangerous levels of carcinogenic chemicals.

Who Should Buy the Flexispot Pro Plus E7?

I recommend this desk. I write all day most days, and even with a good chair (check out my review of the Branch Ergonomic Chair), I feel the strain of constant desk work in my body. I’m 6’2 and this desk gets high enough for me to lean on as I stand, and easily descends to the right height for me to sit when I need a break.

All in all, the Flexispot E7 is a desk you can believe in. With its 15-year warranty, powerful weight capacity, and non-toxic build, you can feel secure in the quality of the product. It’s a great desk for writers, clerical workers, or anyone else who spends their time at a desk. It’s also an excellent choice for artists who might want a drafting or painting table that’s easily raised and lowered to different heights, (think Chuck Close’s famous motorized easel). Whatever you do, If you spend hours at a desk each day, Flexispot is a worthwhile investment to make, both for your work and your body.

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