• In April, the San Jose-based company announced a pair of robots in April that are intended to help automate warehouses and fulfillment centers. Fetch’s Freight robot works with human pickers in a warehouse as they gather products to be shipped, following them carefully much like a faithful dog.
  • Workers toss product into bins Freight carries, and when they’re full, it goes off to a shipping area and another can be summoned. The one-armed Fetch potentially replaces the human picker, at least for many kinds of objects, and can work with Freight for more autonomous operation of a warehouse. Each can return to a charging base automatically.
  • The round may not sound like much in a business where it has been routine to raise $50 million or more to get to a working robot. But Fetch is focusing especially on reducing the cost of its robots, which are in pilots with several large companies the company won’t name. No pricing has been announced yet.

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