There’s never been a better time to get creative with how you invest your money. Thanks to the democratization of investment techniques brought about by investment apps, cryptocurrencies, and other platforms, you have more options than ever to make it work for you. And FarmTogether is one such platform that specializes in one of the smartest investments you can make: US farmland.

Historically, farmland has made a good investment since it represents real, tangible assets that generate revenue on a regular basis. Investing in farmland is a dependable hedge against economic hardships like inflation and the volatility of the stock market. Historically, farmland is one of the least volatile investments you can make, and has avoided the rapid ups and downs of the stock market. In financial terms, farmland as an investment asset is considered to have “low cyclicality,” meaning that it’s a relatively stable investment in the long term. And with FarmTogether, it’s easier than ever for you to benefit from that stability in your own financial portfolio.

FarmTogether: Invest In US Farmland At Whatever Level Works For You

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In the old days, any serious investor in farmland needed enough raw capital to purchase an entire farm. But with FarmTogether that’s no longer necessary. That's because FarmTogether lets you to invest in portions of individual farms.

FarmTogether works similarly to crowdfunding apps like Kickstarter or GoFundMe. When you contribute towards a farmland purchase, you get an investment stake in the property in return -- and a cut of the profits in the bargain.

Unlike Kickstarter or GoFundMe, FarmTogether vouches for every piece of land on the platform. They’re vetted by the FarmTogether executive investment committee, which only selects the most promising pieces of land from hundreds of potential investments. And you're not relying solely on their judgment. FarmTogether also employs external independent analysts to consider each piece of land from every conceivable angle: from soil quality, to water rights, to improvement potential, and more. The bottom line: only the most promising pieces of property will be available for investment on FarmTogether.

Once a piece of land makes it into the club, FarmTogether users invest in a piece of an LLC that will carry out the day-to-day operations of the farm. FarmTogether will allow you to make a fully informed investment, with all the available information on the properties in question, including the estimated cash yields.

Investors will see their money grow in two different ways. Right away, you’ll see a cut from the proceeds that come from your farm’s revenue. But then, once the property has appreciated and the time is right, it’s sold, and you get your cut from the sale.

No investment is a sure thing, and as with any investment, there’s no such thing as a guaranteed payday. But FarmTogether lets you invest responsibly and conveniently, with a fraction of the capital you might need to invest the old-fashioned way. So if you’re ready to get started, head over to FarmTogether now for more information.

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