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Expert: Future Robots Could Steal Your Children

We already expect robots to take our jobs. Could they take our kids, too?

Kristin Houser4 hours ago

Robot Babysitter

Unlike the average parent, a robot is never tired. It’s never annoyed, or distracted, or impatient — and, according to author and AI ethics expert John C. Havens, that means bots might one day steal the right to raise children away from humans.

“When it comes to roles that could be replaced by machines, the job of parenting is often not discussed,” Havens wrote in a newly published Quartz story. “But if a focus on efficiency is valued above human caregiving in our future, it’s possible that AI toys, personal assistants, or companion robots could someday replace humans as parents.”

Warning Signs

In the fascinating Quartz piece, Havens notes how various artificial intelligences are already taking over parenting tasks, noting that the machines will “inevitably” outperform human parents in at least some ways eventually.

He also points out the growing evidence that children can form bonds with these parental proxies — sometimes at the expense of the parent/child relationship.

Right to Rear

In other words, we could be headed toward a future in which robots are not only better than humans at the practical aspects of parenting, but also preferred by children over mom and dad.

At that point, the question of whether parents should have a legal right to raise their children will come into play, so humans need to act now to preserve that right to parent, according to Havens, “before they lose the chance.”

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