Machine Learning in Radiology

Enlitic LLC, a company that specializes in deep learning technology in medical imaging, has raised $10 million in its Series B round of funding. This comes with a new partnership with Australian radiology provider Capitol Health Limited, which operates imaging centers in Australia and Asia, and will now use Enlitic machine-learning programs to make more informed treatment decisions at the point of care, which include 80 imaging centers. The company was able to raise $5 million in its Series A round from companies like Amplify Partners and Data Collective, along with other individual investors.

Improved Diagnostics

Enlitic’s technology brings “clinical intelligence and subspecialty expertise to any radiology clinic.” Using a branch of artificial intelligence called machine learning, the company is able to teach computers to find patterns found from large amounts data through resurfacing relevant earlier studies, showing cases from patients with similar conditions, making measurements, and highlighting key areas in images. Enlitic chief executive Jeremy Howard says, “What we’re doing is providing radiologists with tools to make them better.”

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