Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk says there's a new Tesla product on the way that's "unexpected by most." The inventor and businessman said on Twitter this mysterious new product will be unveiled on Oct. 17, right before the major Tesla Solar City event later this month.

This is just the latest in a host of interesting teasers from Musk.

Case in point, in August, Musk said on Twitter he was making progress towards "neural lace" — a bio-friendly computer interface that's woven into the brain — and that an announcement might come in the next few months.

Could this be what the Oct. 7 announcement is about?

Well, we can dream, but unfortunately, we will likely have to wait some time for announcements on that front. Given that the word is coming from Tesla, it likely has to do with advanced car technologies — maybe something to do with new autonomous tech...which is still pretty exciting.

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