What It Is

The Washington Post has a good story on Bezos' and Musk's competing rocket companies, Blue Origin and SpaceX, respectively. Blue Origin is designing and building spacecraft for going into low earth orbit, but his company moves at a slower rate than SpaceX, and many details remain vague. Locking down a licensed launchpad is one of the company's most tangible results so far. The company also had a successful first flight back in April. The Blue Origin vehicle is called New Shepard, and the company is working with Boeing and Lockheed to develop a new rocket engine.

The Implications

It's exciting to see billionaires investing their fortune into space. Although Musk's SpaceX has seen a few setbacks lately, it seems to be on pace to deliver a rocket, Falcon 9, that can deliver astronauts to and from the International Space Station. Sounds like Musk should keep an eye on Bezos' company, working just down Florida's Space Coast.


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