The military remains to be a prime driver of new technology, with new military hardware being developed every year, and the military adopting new consumer tech for its own systems.

Britain will will start construction of what is said to be the world's most advanced warship next year. It has partnered with BAE Systems on the Type 26 Global Combat Ship, and will start manufacturing it in Clyde, Scotland next year.

BAE Sytems

The Royal Navy is expected to field eight of these advanced anti-submarine warfare ships, and has already invested a total of £1.9 billion in the program. It was developed by engineers of both BAE Systems and UK Ministry of Defense.

The Type 26 will have an acoustically quiet hull in all of its variants, and will have a modular design and open systems. That is to ensure that new technologies and systems can be easily fitted into the design.

The 6,900 ton warship will be outfitted with Artisan 3D radar, Sea Ceptor anti-air missiles, Sonar 2087, and medium caliber guns. It was designed for  anti-submarine warfare, air defense, and even humanitarian assistance roles. It is expected to enter service by the 2020's, lasting until the middle of the century.

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