The Dutch certainly deserve an award for creative thinking. While others are looking to high-tech solutions for taking down drones, they're looking the other way—to nature. Specifically, eagles.

Dutch company, Guard from Above, and the Dutch police are teaming up to train eagles to take down drones and bring them safely to the ground. The targets of this program are small, off-the-shelf drones — unmanned aerial vehicles — that can pose risks to aircraft, drop contraband into jails, conduct surveillance, or fly dangerously over public events.

The advantage of using birds of prey instead of other methods is that the birds can bring the drone safely down to the ground. Tactics such as jamming or shooting drones pose a risk to those below.

Worried about the safety of the birds? Fear not. While the birds already have scales in their talons, the company is working on extra protective gear for the eagles. Each bird will get some form of glove-like sheath for the talons. You really don't want to mess with these eagles.

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