The Breakthrough

Visual Engineering has invented a way for dogs to help its handlers communicate what they are seeing through a high-tech set of eyes attached to their backs. The Cerberus Digital Canine Transmission system is consisted of a bespoke harness which will hold a miniature camera arm including a SIRIUS LE transceiver that is tucked against the ridge of the dog's spine. The transmitter will send back video data to the handler holding a 4.3 inch portable receiver with a range of 300 to 500 meters.

The Implications

The company claims that their Cerberus system is quite easy to use. Due to this, the technology would be very useful in the military and police sectors once it has been fully developed. Its camera arm is spring loaded which will help protect the device from damage as the dog climbs through holes or goes through brush. Aside from that, it has a hardened transceiver case which will allow rugged handling for users in the field.

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