It's a wild, busy world. And you're just one busy person in it, moving about their life. Yeah: We get it. If only there were an easy way to get a quick-hit fix of the very latest, up-to-the-minute news on groundbreaking science and cutting-edge emergent technology. Only need-to-know information, all killer, no filler. And, let's say, it were as easy as getting it directly in your inbox, at a specific, regular time, each day.

Well, we wanted it.

So we made it.

And now we're offering it to you.

We'd like to introduce (or re-introduce) you to The Future Is, our newly-renovated daily email. In it, you'll find a precisely curated collection of each day's top stories and breaking science and technology headlines you should know about. And now, it's got a shiny, new, semigloss coat of paint on it. Consistent with the theme of our website, the color of each email corresponds to its category, you'll know the topic of our top story as soon as you start reading.

Each day, you'll find a variety of hand-picked headlines. Only the biggest innovations changing the world of tomorrow, today, picked for you, by our editorial team. You'll get a flash brief of the top story of the day, a few of the big headlines of the day, a picture, maybe a gif, and each day, the key quote from the experts and innovators create our collective future, words that will shape everything to come after them.

So? Either stay in the past, or have one eye (and inbox) looking towards the future. Subscribe here to start receiving your own daily copy of The Future Is, and join us as we find out just what that future will hold, together. It's gonna be fun.


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