Pink Sauce: the condiment that’s trending for all the wrong reasons. It’s a lesson in TikTok hype, hive mind kayfabe, and perhaps most of all, the importance of the FDA. And at the end of the day, it’s just bad mayonnaise with just enough pink dye to look like Pepto Bismol. Instead of hitting this horrible sauce, we recommend five condiments that are worthy of going viral. Viral in a good way, not the “painful stomach bug” way.

Momofuku Chili Crunch Sauce

Key Selling Point: Get in on the next big condiment craze before everyone else does. 

Are you familiar with chili crunch? The popular Asian condiment is having a bit of a moment right now, and it’s about to go big time. You know, the way Sriracha took over the hot sauce world around the early ‘00s. It’s a blend of sesame seeds, chilis, shallots, garlic, and a bunch of other tasty stuff steeped in oil which makes for a bright red sauce that’s fiery and flavorful without being too spicy. It’s great on noodles, rice, and the best thing you could ever dip takeout gyoza into. This one’s recipe was crafted by Chef David Chang, so you can pretty much guarantee that it’s going to be tasty as hell. 

Hormel Herdez Taqueria Sauce Verde

Key Selling Point: Taco-truck tastiness in a charming squeeze bottle. 

It’s so very difficult to find a bottle of salsa on a store shelf that hits quite as good as one made by your friendly neighborhood abuelita. For those of us who aren’t within driving distance of a taco truck, there’s the Herdez Taqueria Sauce Verde. Like any great green taco sauce, it’s made from charred poblano and jalapeno peppers and comes in an easy squeeze bottle. It’s great on tacos, nachos, and a plate of huevos rancheros, but it would work equally well as a marinade or even salad dressing. It’s not as good as homemade, but it’s pretty darn close. 

Capital City Mambo Sauce

Key Selling Point: A flavor profile from Washington D.C. ready to make a 50-state sweep.

When salty meets sweet, some of the tastiest matches are made, from chocolate-dipped pretzels to the ever-reliable peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Capital City Mumbo Sauce is sweet, salty, and even packs a good bit of heat, for a condiment that’s not just delicious, but damn near universal. While it is primarily a sauce intended for wings, it’s great as a finishing glaze, marinade, and anything and everything bound for the grill. It’s also totally vegan, without an ounce of high fructose corn syrup. 

Heinz Dip & Crunch Burger

Key Selling Point: An unnecessary, but deliciously innovative way to enjoy your next burger. 

Have you ever stared at a burger and thought, “I need to make this unhealthy meal downright hedonistic”? The Heinz Dip and Crunch Burger Dip is a little extra, but not an altogether terrible idea. While you do need to supply your own burger, this package not only comes with a dip to dunk your sandwich in but a small pile of crushed potato chips. You know, for texture. It’s not just a dipping sauce, it’s an experience. And it may just change the way you eat burgers forever. 

Sonoma Sauces Wine-Infused Dessert Sauce

Key Selling Point: Why choose between drinks and dessert when you can have both?

Fruit and wine go together like beer and cheese. Separately, they compliment each other, but together, some seriously tasty alchemy happens. These Wine-Infused Dessert Sauces are crafted in small batches, with an ingredients list you can actually read. Wine, fruit, sugar, and little else, so the flavor profiles within these sauces can truly shine. Available in three tantalizing flavors including Blackberry Merlot, Dark Cherry Zinfandel, and Mango Pinot Grigio, which are great one ice cream, yogurt, sourdough toast, or simply eaten with a spoon at 2 am in front of your fridge. No judgment. 

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