A song of ice and data?

If you watch the Game of Thrones, you've learned not to get attached to any particular character. George R.R. Martin, the author of the book series the show is based on, is notorious for brutally killing off central characters without remorse.

With the season six premiere on the horizon, it's time to accept that your favorite character's head might be on the chopping block (quite literally). Aside from searching the internet for spoilers, there wasn't a good way to predict who was next—until now.

A computer science class at the Technical University of Munich developed a website that reports which characters are most likely to die in the upcoming sixth season of the series.

Dr. Guy Yachdav, who led the class and conceived the project says, "the epic scale of the worlds created by George R. R. Martin provides an almost endless resource of raw multi-dimensional data."

Credit: Christian Dallago

The students used an array of machine learning algorithms to make their predictions. The algorithm, which accurately predicted 74 percent of character deaths in the show and books, suggests Ramsey Snow (64 percent likelihood of death) will outlive Theon Greyjoy (74 percent likelihood of death).

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