• Local authorities in Guangdong are introducing its “robot assembling line” strategy. To start, private company Everwin Precisions Technology Ltd is expecting to deploy 1,000 robots by the end of the first phase of the zero-labor project. The company will reduce its workforce by 90%.
  • The company will reduce its workforce by 90%. So instead of employing its current 2,000 workers, the company will require just 200 employees to operate software systems and administration. Owing to a severe labor shortage and mounting labor costs, similar projects may be unveiled elsewhere around the Pearl River Delta.
  • To that end, the local government in Guangdong will invest the equivalent of $152-billion to replace humans with robots within three years. Robotic fleets could appear in as many as 2,000 companies across the province, in addition to two advanced industrial bases for robot production.

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