The secretive startup Magic Leap has revealed a little more about its groundbreaking new technology. In a major feature by Wired, Kevin Kelly got exclusive access behind the company’s closed doors and uncovered new details and a new video.

Among the biggest news is that Magic Leap will have a headset which will turn your surroundings into a living digital environment. Despite the news, Magic Leap has still not made any indication of what the headset will look like, but Kelly did give some clues.

Kelly writes that “The user sees the outside world through the glass, while the virtual elements are projected from a light source at the edge of the glass and then reflected into the user’s eyes by the beam-splitting nano-ridges.”

This is as much description as Kelly can disclose, further writing that “Magic Leap claims that its device is unique in the way it beams light into the eye, though the company declines to explain it further at this time.”

Watch the video and see for yourself; it's pretty cool stuff. And stay tuned for further developments.

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