This has been a pretty rough year. Between the pandemic, the election, and the economic crisis, it’s hardly a surprise that more people than ever are suffering from things like anxiety, depression, and insomnia. And, unfortunately, a lot of people simply are not getting the professional help they need, whether it’s because it’s too expensive, because psychiatrists and therapists in their area are all booked up, or because it’s simply too much of a hassle to deal with all the red tape of the traditional healthcare system. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’ve been experiencing emotional health problems but haven’t done anything about it yet, you need to check out Cerebral online counseling.

What Is Cerebral?

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Cerebral is a comprehensive online mental health service designed to help people overcome the roadblocks associated with traditional mental healthcare. Unlike some online services that just provide counseling, Cerebral takes a one-stop approach to mental healthcare, supporting you through every step in the process. What that means is that, in addition to online counseling, Cerebral also provides access to fully licensed healthcare providers who can actually help you manage your medications. Then they’ll even ship prescriptions right to your door. And everything is included with the price of your subscription.

Cerebral’s comprehensive model is designed for long term care for people 18 or older who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, or insomnia and believe they may benefit from treatment. Cerebral providers may also be able to treat bipolar disorder, depending on severity and the types of medications required. However, Cerebral is not suitable for people suffering from mental health issues such including schizophrenia, suicidal ideation, and substance abuse issues.

How It Works

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Getting started with Cerebral could not be easier. The first thing you do is take their free emotional assessment form so their experts can get an idea of the symptoms you are experiencing. After that you’ll choose from one of three different subscription plans and get started.

The Medication + Basic Care plan is for people who know they need medication, but only require occasional counseling. With this plan, after you complete your assessment you’ll have a video or phone visit with your prescribing provider, who will help you determine your course of treatment and provide monthly follow-up appointments. You will also be able to schedule monthly appointments with your Care Counselor, who will discuss your progress, offer support, and teach you valuable skills such as mindfulness. And all appointments can be easily managed on Cerebral’s smartphone app.

The Medication + Therapy plan is for people who need a little more support. This plan gives you everything you get in the Medication + Basic Care plan, but instead of monthly sessions with a Care Counselor you’ll get weekly online meetings with a licensed therapist. You will be matched with a list of therapists based on your assessment, and you can choose which one you think is right for you.

Lastly there’s the Therapy plan for those who don’t need medication to manage their issues. With this plan you will meet weekly with your therapist, but you will not meet with a prescribing provider.

Whatever plan you choose, you’ll get the help you need without even leaving your house.

What Cerebral Online Counseling Users Are Saying

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Wondering if Cerebral's online counseling is right for you? Take a look at what some of their users have to say:

"This program, honestly, I have recommended it to everyone I know - because a lot of people that I know right now are lacking in insurance, and being able to pay for something monthly, and get the care that we need is truly amazing. I’ve been recommending Cerebral left and right!" —Anonymous

"My therapist suggested I consider antidepressants months ago, but the cost to see a psychiatrist was too high. So I just didn’t try antidepressants at all for awhile. Since my therapist referred me to Cerebral, I get to talk not only to my prescribing doctor but also to a care counselor who makes herself available to answer all of my questions." —Alex M.

"I used to take time off work to spend hundreds of dollars to see a psychiatrist, who barely remembered my name. Now, my doctor at Cerebral really cares about me and listens to me. I just really feel heard. AND, they send my meds directly to my door, and my care counselor is on it whenever I'm struggling despite the meds." —April D.

"What an easy way to access really awesome care. Cerebral makes it easy - and my doctor and care counselor really care about me. When I first signed up, I thought it would be all about medication, but my Care Counselor Steven has showed me techniques like deep breathing exercises that really calm me down when I'm having a hard time." —Diana L.

"I feel sooo much better ever since my provider switched my medication for anxiety. To be honest, I was skeptical at first--who gets medication on the internet? But my doctor was awesome in working with me to get the right medication, and I love that Cerebral has care counselors to monitor my treatment." —Lochlan C.

If you're struggling with anxiety, depression, and insomnia, and the traditional approach treatment just isn’t working, maybe it's time to try something new. Cerebral's approach to online care seems to be working for a lot of people. Why not click here and see if it will work for you, too?

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