There's a new way to make stock market predictions. One company, Numerai, is synthesizing machine intelligence to command the capital of an American hedge fund.

The team outlines the focus of their work, asserting that they take the most accurate and original machine learning models from the world’s best data scientists and synthesize them into "a collective artificial intelligence." This AI controls the capital in Numerai’s hedge fund.

Numerai was founded by mathematician Richard Craib, and it uses a weekly machine learning tournament that brings together data scientists to develop models using AI in order to predict stock market movements, with the best predictions winning money from the company—the best from their data science community are rewarded with Bitcoin.

Since 2015, Numerai data scientists have submitted a staggering 12,094,553,641 equity price predictions. Yes, that's 12 billion predictions.

You can learn more about the work in the video below.

Numerai breaks down their goal, and how they function as a "hive mind," by noting that it's all about collaboration. "No data scientist on Numerai has a machine learning model that is better than all the other models combined," the website notes, "so Numerai is not a search for the ‘best’ model; it is a platform to synthesize many different models with many different characteristics. Although data scientists compete to place on the leaderboard, the competition is designed to collect models."

Thus, it's really all about bringing together the best of the best. "Numerai is not really a competition; it’s an invisible collaboration to build the meta model." And to that end, it's a new way of thinking (with machines). 

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