In homes all over the world the piano was once something like a hearth — a place to gather and find community. The Donner DDP-80 is a digital piano that reminds us of what a piano once was, while also showing us what a piano can be. With a gorgeous mid-century-inspired modern wood frame, the Donner presents a classic 88-key keyboard in an elegant package. The keys are made of high-quality ABS plastic, and are fully progressively weighted like a traditional grand, so that the higher octaves are lighter, while the lower octaves progressively get heavier. With a traditional three-pedal layout that connects via a cord that drops from below, the whole model presents a traditionalist’s layout that makes for an excellent practice piano or home rehearsal piano for a pianist who plays grands.

Billy Cadden/Futurism

What Is the Donner DDP-80 Digital Piano?

Keys: 88 weighted keys
Pedals: 3
Polyphony: 128
Materials: Wood, ABS plastic
Size: 49.9 inches L x 13.9 inches W x 29.3 inches H

— Excellent grand piano tone
— USB, ⅛-inch-, and ¼-inch out for pairing with a digital audio workstation, laptop, tablet, amps, pedals, headphones, and learner software
— Beautiful wood exterior shows no buttons or technological components on top face, everything controlled on rear
— Good control with the bottom pedals which connect via cord
— Progressively weighted 88-key ABS keyboard plays like a real grand

— Rear electric panel with plug sockets feels like it’s of cheaper construction than the rest
— Only features one piano sound

With 128-note polyphony and a classic grand piano voicing, the Donner presents a tone that is as elegant as its design. Donner keyboards often have lots of programmed voices, so the DDP-80 stands out for its simplicity, with its single French grand piano sample set. However, for those who want more, the keyboard’s USB midi-compatible out- and ¼-inch line connection allows you to easily plug your Donner into a digital audio workstation via midi for access to synthesizers and an unlimited array of digital sounds or link it to a pedal chain and amplifier via the line connection. The piano can also be linked to a tablet for excellent training software.

The Donner’s volume control, power, and all controls are accessed via the rear of the piano. Sadly, the electronic components on the piano’s rear feel somewhat cheaper and less thought-out than other components of the piano: The plastic plate that houses plugs is a cheaper plastic. However, this is the only real deficiency in the piano’s design. The legs screw on easily for simple home assembly, and the three pedals connect via a cord.

All in all, the Donner DDP-80 is a gorgeous piano that looks and plays like something you’d expect to cost hundreds of dollars more than it does. With a single gorgeous tone sampled from a classic French grand, perfect progressively weighted keys, and beautiful wood housing, this is a digital piano done right, that will appeal to learners and traditionalists, while also doing a good job as a midi keyboard for those looking for a classy accompaniment to their laptop. It’s an overall affordable option, with classy sound and design that’s sure to have wide appeal.

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