For millions of people, coffee is an essential part of the day. Whether you’re into instant coffee or have a barista-style machine in your house, your coffee is only really as good as the tools you use to make it. If you’re looking to level up your coffee game, or just want to change up your routine, these accessories can jump start your morning jolt.

Bean & Bean Downtown Blend

Bean & Bean

Key Selling Point: This medium-roast, fair-trade blend is certified to be USDA Organic.

You can’t get a good cup of coffee without, well, good coffee. This blend from Bean & Bean — which was started by a mother-daughter duo — uses beans from Latin America, Africa, and Asia to deliver a flavor rich with roasted nuts, cedar, and herbs. We also like that the packaging is compostable and recyclable.

BALMUDA The Kettle


Key Selling Point: This small kettle is attractive, lightweight, and award-winning.

This electric kettle from BALMUDA makes two to three cups of coffee and weighs around two pounds. Its spout allows you to easily control the pour, and it takes up little real estate in the kitchen. It's available in black and white models.

BLK & Bold Reusable Coffee Pods

BLK & Bold

Key Selling Point: These reusable pods help you cut down on waste.

It’s well-documented that single-use coffee pods are terrible for the environment. I definitely sympathize with pod-lovers — it’s just so much easier to pop one in a machine, press a button, and get your favorite cup in seconds. These reusable pods give you the best of both worlds — add your favorite blend to them and simply clean them after every use for guilt-free podding.

Dona Coffee Blossom Honey


Key Selling Point: Sweeten your tea or coffee in a healthier way with honey instead of sugar.

Tea lovers, this one’s for you. Honey is a great alternative to sugar, and it’s usually the healthier option. The Coffee Blossom Honey from Dona is sourced from a Guatemalan farm, using honey from the bees that pollinate the farm’s coffee trees. 

Taika Mocha Latte


Key Selling Point: No need to brew a cup — just grab the can in the morning and head out the door. 

Taika uses Guittard cocoa and macadamia milk to deliver a rich, creamy mocha latte. We like that this pre-made beverage saves you time in the morning — you can either pour it into a mug or drink it straight. It’s low-calorie but high in caffeine. Taika also offers a matcha latte, black coffee, oat milk latte, and macadamia latte.

Final Thoughts

If you’re keen on caffeine, there’s no need to opt for flat instant coffee. If you want a great mug first thing in the morning or just want to broaden your horizons, look into a great blend or tasty additives to keep yourself from hitting snooze.

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