Bold Inventor Releases Futuristic Concept of a Self-Driving Apartment

If superhero stories have taught us anything, reality needs more eccentric billionaires.

8. 29. 16 by Cecille De Jesus
Ashish Thulkar
Image by Ashish Thulkar

Canadian innovator Charles Bombardier and his company, Imaginactive, are at it again. Recently, they released their wild idea of building Solar Express, a hypothetical space train that never stops and will transport people and cargo between celestial bodies at 1% the speed of light.

And now, Bombardier, in collaboration with Ashish Thulkar, a vehicle designer at the Indian Institute of Science, has presented yet another futuristic idea: self-driving apartment rooms—that’s not a typo for self-driving cars, we’re really talking about apartments.

Tridika. Ashish Thulkar.

This hypothetical autonomous room, named Tridika, can be driven like a car, and attached to an apartment as an additional room. They envision it working on magnets instead of wheels.

It would, however, require buildings to be equipped to accommodate it using a ramp (like an elevator) that would lift it and allow it to attach to your floor in a condominium building.


Imaginactive, seems to live on a motto we can all relate to: dream now, figure out details later. And by the way, if you think you’re as much of a dreamer as Bombardier and his peers, maybe you should give your idea a go through their website. Perhaps you too can unburden yourself from the societal constraints of budgets or even physical possibility.

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