Canadian innovator Charles Bombardier and his company, Imaginactive, are at it again. Recently, they released their wild idea of building Solar Express, a hypothetical space train that never stops and will transport people and cargo between celestial bodies at 1% the speed of light.

And now, Bombardier, in collaboration with Ashish Thulkar, a vehicle designer at the Indian Institute of Science, has presented yet another futuristic idea: self-driving apartment rooms—that's not a typo for self-driving cars, we're really talking about apartments.

Tridika. Ashish Thulkar.

This hypothetical autonomous room, named Tridika, can be driven like a car, and attached to an apartment as an additional room. They envision it working on magnets instead of wheels.

It would, however, require buildings to be equipped to accommodate it using a ramp (like an elevator) that would lift it and allow it to attach to your floor in a condominium building.

Imaginactive, seems to live on a motto we can all relate to: dream now, figure out details later. And by the way, if you think you’re as much of a dreamer as Bombardier and his peers, maybe you should give your idea a go through their website. Perhaps you too can unburden yourself from the societal constraints of budgets or even physical possibility.

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