Over the last decade, the world of mining cryptocurrencies has transformed from something that any devoted hobbyist with a working computer and Internet connection could do into something that requires special equipment and expertise. Given that, it’s easy to feel like you missed the boat if you weren’t an early cryptocurrency adopter. But with a Coinmine One Bitcoin mining machine, cryptocurrency can once again be mined by almost anyone.

Introducing The Coinmine One Bitcoin Mining Machine


The Coinmine One is Coinmine’s flagship product, and was created to re-democratize cryptocurrency for everyone. Put simply, the Coinmine One is a specialized mining computer that takes the complicated process of cryptocurrency mining and automates it. It’s a Application-Specific Integrated Circuits device that only needs a working wifi connection and a Coinmine app to get started. Once it's up and running, you’ll be mining your own cryptocurrencies automatically -- a true, and potentially lucrative, “Set It and Forget It” scenario.

The Coinmine One costs less than a new iPhone and is designed to be extremely easy to set up. It’s quiet, energy efficient, comes in your choice of white or black, and can mine a multitude of different cryptocurrencies.

You could use the Coinmine One to mine popular cyptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum. But, as Coinmine co-founder Farbood Nivi recently told the Los Angeles Times, the real purpose of the Coinmine One is to allow users to discover the next Bitcoin or Ethereum, and make some money in the process:

“It’s not just about being easy to set up...It’s about what’s coming, and not missing out on the new promising networks like you missed out on bitcoin and ethereum in the early days.”

The Coinmine One


You can use your Coinmine One to automatically mine such up-and-coming cryptocurrencies as Monero, Grin, and Zcash, and the Coinmine app will allow you to mine even newer cryptos as they’re developed.

Even with a Coinmine One, hitting major paydirt will take some luck and savvy. But even while you’re waiting for the iron to heat up, Coinmine One offers some real benefits for cryptocurrency investors. You can earn your own bitcoins with every transaction routed through the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which also lets you send and receive bitcoins nearly instantaneously and at very little cost. By storing any cryptos you mine in your Coinmine digital wallet, you can earn at least 6.5% APR in interest.

While the Coinmine One is designed to be usable by any amateur crypto miner, the Coinmine app also offers the ability to finely control your mining behavior depending on the trends of the day. Notice a new trend that looks good (and profitable) to you on a certain day? Simply switch up what you’re using the Coinmine One to mine, which you can do every day or even every hour if you want to.

If you’re still on the fence about breaking into crypto mining for yourself with the Coinmine One, you may be interested to know that it has some of the biggest names in cryptocurrency providing its funding. This includes Coinbase, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. So head over to the Coinmine site now and learn more.

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