Sooner or later, you will need a USB-C charger to give your devices much-needed juice. Many popular devices on the market today are powered up via USB-C, including Samsung Galaxy, MacBook Pro, and consoles like Nintendo Switch. If you have a portable device, and it needs power, a solid USB-C charger will provide it. But which device is best for your needs? Here’s a thorough round-up of the best USB-C chargers available right now.

Best Overall: Anker 736 USB-C Charger
Best Budget: Charmast Portable USB-C Charger
Best 100W: UGREEN Nexode 100W USB-C Wall Charger 4 Port
Best Multi-Port: Aergiatech USB-C Charging Hub 10 PowerPort
Best Quick: Anker 511 Charger Nano Pro

How We Picked the Best USB-C Chargers

USB-C cables, for the most part, all sort of run together, with a few outlying features here and there. The discrepancies between USB-C chargers can be vast, including devices with different voltage, power sources, and sizes. Here’s what we considered when choosing the best USB-C chargers.

Power Supply: Watts, amps, volts: What does it all mean? Luckily, you don’t need to be an electrician to parse out all these technical specifications inside any given USB-C charger. What matters most is how any given charger actually delivers power into your devices quickly and reliably. Equally important is a device that can work with any wall outlet, in case you have to plug in on a train, in an airport, or anywhere else in the wild you may need a quick jolt of juice. For more power, check out the best solar generators

Size: Larger chargers usually offer more in terms of usability and versatility. But no device designed for an office, entertainment center, or any other room in the house is worth using if it’s clunky and cumbersome. The smart use of space is also important when you have to take your power supply with you in a purse or backpack.

Ports: Why charge one device at once when you can charge two, three, or ten? You likely have multiple devices that need charging at any given time. There are occasional trade-offs when it comes to charging a couple to a handful of devices at once, but in general the more ports the better. 

The Best USB-C Chargers: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Anker 736 USB-C Charger

Champion Charger. Anker

Why It Made The Cut: A pocket-sized charger that can expertly juggle up to three devices at once. 

Dimensions: 2.6 inches L x 1.24 inches W x 2.24 inches H
Weight: 7.2 ounces
Wattage: 100 watts
Ports: Two USB-C, one USB-A

— Award-winning excellence
— Smaller, and more powerful than the competition
— Supports fast charging

— Occasional weight problem

It’s no surprise that Anker, who makes some of the best USB-C cables on the market, also makes the best overall charger, the 736 USB-C Charger.

Right off the bat, you may notice its size. It’s far smaller than a standard MacBook Pro power block, and with a few more features to boot. The 736 USB-C Charger has three inputs, two USB-C, and one USB-A, with dedicated inputs for tablets and laptops. Despite its size, it’s just as fast as the competition, if not a little faster. You can power up your laptop, iPhone, and AirPods all at the same time, with few compromises when it comes to speed. It even supports fast charging on compatible devices. That said, this charger is still a power block, the wall plug may occasionally slip out due to the way the device disperses its weight. But plugging the device into a power strip solves this problem. 

Best Budget: Charmast Portable Charger

Portable and Dependable. Charmast

Why It Made The Cut: A portable and reliable USB-C charger complete with an LED display. 

Dimensions: 5.71 inches L x 2.68 inches W x 0.51 inches H
Weight: 8 ounces
Wattage: 15 watts
Ports: One USB-C, one Micro-USB

— Power on the go
— Accurate LED display
— Inexpensive

— Charges itself slowly

A battery going into the red at home is unfortunate, but if it happens in the wild, it could quickly turn into a grisly prospect. The Charmast Portable USB-C Charger prevents any low-battery panicking when you’re away from home.

For the price, this charger is packed with features. The obvious one is the LED display that provides real-time insight into just how much battery life is left inside your charger, right down to one percent. It can charge popular devices like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets a couple of times before you need to plug it in via USB-A to charge to full again. And while it comes with heat protection and fast-charging capabilities, the portable charger actually takes quite a bit of time to charge to full. Still, considering how thin and lightweight it is, this charger is a definite lifesaver if you do a lot of traveling or spend most of your days away from the comfort of your home charging base. Throw in the budget price point, and it’s easily still one of the best USB-C chargers, despite the speed issue. 

Best 100W: UGREEN Nexode 100W USB-C Wall Charger 4 Port

Laptop Friendly. UGREEN

Why It Made The Cut: UGREEN Nexode is a powerful and efficient 100W USB-C charger. 

Dimensions: 2.72 inches L x 1.3 inches W x 2.72 inches H
Weight: 8.29 ounces
Wattage: 100 watts
Ports: Three USB-C, one USB-A

— Great for high-end laptops
— Upgraded heat dissipation
— Wide compatibility

— Apple Watch issues

Considering how pricey many USB-C chargers are, a question many in the market for one ask themselves is: “Will this charger power up my device?” With the UGREEN Nexode 100W USB Charger, the answer is: “Unequivocally, yes.” 

From MacBook Pro to Nintendo Switch, if a device powers up via USB-C, it will work with this charger. All high-end laptops that require a little extra wattage will be more than at home here, including the aforementioned Apple laptop, along with other popular Windows laptops as well. You can also rest assured that this USB-C charger has extra heat dissipation so you don’t have to worry when you plug in an expensive device. There are four ports on it, and it will charge up four devices at once unless one of those is an Apple Watch. It’s a little finicky when it comes to powering up this device. UGREEN recommends not charging the Apple Watch at the same time that you charge other devices, which causes all devices including the watch to flicker, disconnect, and in worst cases, break. 

Best Multiport: Aergiatech Charging Hub 10 PowerPort

More Ports, More Power. Aergiatech

Why It Made The Cut: A chunky, but a convenient all-in-one destination for all your USB-C powered devices.

Dimensions: 3.3 inches L x 5.7 inches W x 1.7 inches H
Weight: 9.9 ounces
Wattage: 100 watts
Ports: Five USB-C, five USB-A

— Great 10-port charger
— Two quick charge ports
— Comes with US and UK power plug

— Soft connections 

If you absolutely must charge every single one of your devices at once, you could do worse than the Aergiatech USB-C Charging Hub 10 PowerPort

With ten ports, it will likely accommodate all your devices as well as those belonging to friends, family, and house guests. This hub has five USB-C ports, and five USB-A ports, with one of each USB style being a dedicated fast-charge port. It also comes with both US and UK power plugs, making it an excellent choice if you decide to travel abroad. Despite the abundance of ports, it still manages to be both low-profile and lightweight. The only downside is that the connections are a bit “soft.” This means that cables may unplug easily without you knowing. It may require a little vigilance on that front, but considering the abundance of ports, it’s still easily one of the best USB-C chargers. 

Best Quick: Anker 511 Charger Nano Pro

Pocket Powerhouse. Anker

Why It Made The Cut: A faster, safer, and sleeker way to charge your devices in a flash. 

Dimensions: 1.18 inches L x 1.16 inches W x 1.16 inches H
Weight: 1.1 ounces
Wattage: 20 watts
Ports: One USB-C

— Fast and safe charging
— Fits in the palm of your hand
— Possibilities for personalization

— Still runs fairly hot

For quick charging at a budget-friendly price point, we highly recommend the Anker 511 Charger Nano Pro

Sometimes, you simply don’t need a bunch of frills, or extra ports, not to mention, the price tag of other USB-C chargers. The Anker 511 is not simply affordable, but dependable, especially when it comes to powering up devices that are quick-charge compatible. Unlike other chargers, it fits in any pocket, and likely, in the palm of your hand. There are even five different colors to choose from including white, black, lavender, blue, and pink. And while the Nano Pro comes with some protection for overheating, it occasionally will still run hot. Always ensure that you pair this charger with a high-quality USB-C cord to prevent any accidental damage. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a USB-C Charger

Above All, Stay Cool: If you’re considering buying a cheaply made USB-C charger, we strongly advise against it. When it comes to charging devices via USB-C, you want to ensure that you don’t cheap out on either the USB-C charger that plugs into the wall or the cable that plugs your device into the charger. While it’s rarer than it used to be, the ability to charge devices up quickly occasionally comes at the cost of the device overheating and either requiring maintenance or scrapping. Issues regarding overheating typically coincide with the quality of the USB-C cable or USB-C charger. If the USB-C cables you use are broken or frayed, you should replace them with a new cable. 

Good quality USB-C cables with nylon coatings are a little more durable than standard ones. Like chargers, bet on a reliable brand like Anker when it comes to buying new cables. In the event that your charger or charging cable is running hot, quickly remove it from your device and consider replacing either the cable or the USB-C charger. 


Q: Why use a USB-C charger?

USB-C chargers can use significantly more power than other USB styles, which makes them powerful enough to charge all manner of devices, including demanding ones like consoles and laptops. 

Q: What are the pitfalls of a USB-C charger?

When using a USB-C charger, many of the pitfalls that cause them not to work have to do with cables that are bent, degraded, or otherwise broken. 

Q: Should you buy a used USB-C?

You can buy a used USB-C charger, but like any refurbished or used device, it may offer diminishing returns when it comes to usability. 

Q: What should a USB-C charging adapter look like?

USB-C chargers come in various shapes and sizes, but in general, all you need is something that plugs into a wall socket on one end, and a USB-C port on the other. 

Q: Why can USB-C damage your devices?

In some cases, bad USB-C chargers and USB-C cables could potentially damage your devices. If a cable runs warmer than usual, consider replacing it with a new cable. Relying on popular and dependable brands like Anker is a good way to help avert overheating. 

Q: What’s the future of USB-C chargers?

USB4 is currently in development, and will likely see wide release in the coming years. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best USB-C chargers, it helps not to overthink them. When in doubt, bet on the dependability of Anker devices like Anker 736 USB-C Charger, which is our overall best pick. If you’re looking to save big and not in the market for multiple ports, Anker 511 Charger Nano Pro will satisfy all your quick-charging needs. 

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