Standing desks are all the rage, and you may have noticed lots of coworkers using them. If it’s your first time buying one or if you’re hesitant to do so because you’re not sure if you’ll actually use it (a common concern), there are a number of inexpensive, but well-made models that offer a good introduction into the world of standing desks. 

Similarly, there are also standing desks with new and upgraded features (child locks! extra storage! multiple configurations!) to bring your work life to the next level. Read on for some of the best standing desks — and how to decide which is best for you.

Best Overall: FLEXISPOT EB8
Best for Small Spaces: VariDesk Cube Plus 40 by Vari
Best Converter: TechOrbits Rise-X Pro
Best Budget: Siducal Mobile Stand-Up Desk

How We Picked the Best Standing Desks

As we put together this list of best standing desks, we evaluated some 20 different desks of all different styles and at a variety of price points — from under $100 to well over $700. To start, we looked at the style of the desks, including both standing desks that adjust either manually or via electric motor, and standing desk converters, for when you simply want to upgrade your current set-up.

We then paid close attention to the features that would set the desk apart. For example, a child lock is a feature that’s super important if you’re a parent of young children working from home. Storage was also an important consideration. We found that most standing desks don’t offer much in the way of drawers or shelving, and we wanted to include options that offered those features, too. We also looked at how different desks would fit into different spaces — for example, whether a desk could fit in a cubicle or accommodate multiple monitors.

The Best Standing Desks: Reviews and Recommendations 

Best Overall: FLEXISPOT EB8 (Comhar Series)

Impressive Features. FLEXISPOT

Why it Made the Cut: With lots of impressive features — from a child lock to multiple USB ports to a built-in storage drawer — and great height range, this desk is the best standing desk overall.

— Dimensions: ‎47.3 inches W x 28.3 inches H x 23.2 inches D
— Maximum height of 47.6 inches
— Electric

— Child lock
— Keypad with presets, USB ports and more
— Can fit 2 monitors

— Single tier

There are lots of notable standing desks out there, including the always-popular Uplift V2. And while that’s a great option, it’s also at a slightly higher price point, so we ultimately chose the Flexispot EB8, part of the brand’s Comhar line, as our top pick. Offering several style options, including both bamboo and tempered glass tops, this electric standing desk has a lot going for it. In terms of height, it goes from 28 inches to just shy of 48 inches — with a lifting speed of about 1 second — and lets you load four different heights.

We also particularly love the strategically placed keypad, which includes a child lock—a feature you might not have thought about, but is imperative if you’re living with little kids—as well as multiple USB ports in varying sizes. Also cool? The desk includes an “anti-collision function,” so that if an item gets in the way when it’s moving, it stops, similar to the way a garage door would. With its sleek, modern-looking design, we think this is a great all-around choice for a standing desk.

Best for Small Spaces: VariDesk Cube Plus 40 by Vari

An Any-Height Desk for Small Spaces. Vari

Why it Made the Cut: With nine different height settings, a small footprint, and the always-important keyboard tray, the VariDesk Cube Plus 40 is ideal for when space is at a premium.

— Dimensions: 40 inches wide x 4.5 inches H x 21.5 inches D
— Can be adjusted to 9 different heights
— Manual lift

— Multiple height settings, which go up to 17.5 inches
— No assembly needed
— Can fit more than one monitor and holds up to 35 pounds

— Only available in black

Vari makes a variety of standing desk options and is a well-known and respected brand in the category. In fact, the company’s Vari Electric Standing Desk is the best desk for small spaces if you’re looking for a high-end standing desk, and, in all the sizes offered, can go up to just over 50 inches high.

But if you’re in the market for something a bit smaller, the company’s standing desk converters can definitely do the trick — even for the desk-in-a-closet workers among us. Created, in particular, with cubicles and small spaces in mind, the VariDesk Cube Plus 40 is 40 inches wide — giving you enough room to fit two monitors comfortably — and 21.5 inches deep. It also offers lots in the way of height settings, with nine different options, going from 4 inches to 17.5. Add in the two-tier design, weighted base, and the fact that there’s no assembly required — perfect for the furniture building-averse — and this standing desk converter is as practical as it is useful.

Best Converter: TechOrbits Rise-X Pro

Desk Transformer. TechOrbits

Why it Made the Cut: As the best standing desk converter, this TechOrbits model hits many important points: It has two tiers, easily adjusts to almost 20 inches high, and comes in multiple colors.

— Dimensions: 37.4 inches W x 4.2 inches H x 16.1 inches D
— Maximum height of 19.7 inches
— Manual lift  

— Two-tiered
— Holds up to two monitors
— Includes non-skid padding

— Has to be moved manually

There are lots of benefits to choosing a converter over a traditional standing desk — not least of which is that you don’t have to actually buy an entirely new desk. And while not everyone will like the aesthetics of a converter, they are often less expensive so you’re not making a big investment if you haven’t decided yet whether a standing desk is for you. Case in point: the 37-inch Rise-X Pro from TechOrbits is a great choice at a reasonable price point. While we chose this model because it boasts more desk space, TechOrbits also offers a similar but slightly smaller model, the 32-inch Rise-X Light.

This converter features two tiers, the top of which is big enough to hold two monitors and also comes with a slot to hold a phone or other small device — ideal for taking calls hands-free. Height-wise, the desk starts at about 4 inches and goes up to 19.7 inches, with a manual adjustment.

Best Budget: Siducal Mobile Stand Up Desk

Small and Nimble. SIDUCAL

Why it Made the Cut: Small but effective, this is the best budget standing desk ideal for first timers, with height options up to 45 inches and versatile set-ups at a super affordable price point.

— Dimensions: 21.65 inches W x 27.5 inches H x 21.65 inches D
— Maximum height of 45.3 inches
— Manual lift

— Lots of set-up flexibility
— Easy to move to different rooms
— Available in two colors/finishes

— Smaller work space than others

If you’re considering a standing desk but stuck on the fact that it can be a big investment, then this under-$100 option is a great place to start. The Siducal desk, which comes in both black and white with a wood top, has two tiers and can be manually adjusted to anywhere from 27.5 inches to just over 43 inches. It offers lots of flexibility in terms of space and set-up, with the ability to either keep the tiers at the same height or stagger them. And if you do stagger them, the second tier can tilt 45 degrees — a nice touch for virtual meetings or Zoom presentations when you have notes in front of you.

Because it’s on wheels and can move from place to place, this desk is great if you don’t have a traditional office space (either at home or at work). And the small footprint of the desk — just about 22 inches — is a plus for apartment or cubicle dwellers.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Standing Desks

As with any purchase — especially a larger one, like a desk — there’s a lot to keep in mind. And when it comes to standing desks in particular, you want to choose one that not only fits your space but that fits with your work life as well. For instance, if you’re a double-monitor kind of worker, you want to make sure the desk is big enough to hold both. Here are a few more things to ask yourself before you add to cart:


Just like any other piece of furniture, you need to consider where you’ll set up your desk and how you’ll be using it. For instance, if you have a dedicated home office, you can likely opt for a more traditional standing desk. If, instead, you love working in the living room one day and the bedroom the next, then you’ll want to go with a desk — like the Siducal Mobile Stand Up Desk on this list — that can easily be moved from room to room. Also consider if you want to be able to change the actual set-up of the desk.

Configuration Possibilities

Choices abound for standing desks, and include those with a smaller footprint and others that come in different configurations (like L-shaped) to fit into specific spots. If the desk is for an office, check out specific styles that might work well in a cubicle, or that might go easily from conference room to presentation area.  


The look of your desk is important, of course, and you want something whose design goes well with your space, regardless of where that space is. But there are also a few different types of standing desk to consider. For instance, you can choose a standing desk converter, which goes right on top of your current set-up. This option is nice if you already have a desk you love or if you want something that can easily be removed so you can use the desk in other ways. If you go that route, be sure to check the weight requirements of your current desk.


Q: Is a fully standing desk worth it?

A fully standing desk can definitely be worth the price. But before you decide, do some research and consider the style of standing desk you want. There are lots of options, and the one you choose can influence whether you actually use the desk for its intended purpose or not. In our research, we found that most models — even those with a standing desk that stays at one particular height, like the Tribesigns model on this list — offer some sort of option for both sitting and standing. If you’re unsure, a middle-of-the-road option could be a standing desk converter: You won’t have to buy a new desk, and the converters are often less expensive.

Q: How much should I spend on a standing desk?

How much you spend on a standing desk depends on a few factors. In general, we found that there are inexpensive models that cost less than $100, with higher-end desks running about $500 and up. If you’re new to standing desks and not sure how much you’ll actually use one, we recommend going with a less expensive version to start. The Siducal model featured here is a good starter desk and even the TechOrbits Rise-X Pro, a standing desk converter, is a great value. If you already use and love a standing desk and are looking to move to a higher-end model, there are lots of options, including our top pick, the FLEXISPOT EB8, which clocks in at about $500.

Q: How can I recycle my old desk?

Whether or not you can recycle your old desk will really depend on the brand and what the desk is made of. E-Cycle Environmental, a company based in California, gives a good overview of what to know about recycling a desk. We recommend touching base with your desk’s manufacturer for details about your specific desk. Or reach out to your local recycling center. And, of course, donating a desk to a nonprofit, school, or other organization is a great way to pay it forward.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Standing Desks

There’s so much we love about standing desks — from the easy-to-incorporate converter style to our top Flexispot pick, a stylish choice at a good price point. Overall, whether you’re looking to upgrade your current workspace or are setting up an entirely new one, a standing desk can be a great addition.

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