The best Samsung tablets pack an intense amount of possibilities in portable form. Samsung offers one of the best Android smartphones on the market, and has replicated this experience in a larger form with its line of Galaxy tablets. Great graphics, super-fast processing, and some serious versatility put these tablets toe to toe with the other nearly ubiquitous tablet brand on the market. You know, the ones made by Apple. But which Galaxy tablet is right for you? The answer may surprise you. Here’s a selection of the best Samsung tablets available right now.

— Best Overall: Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
— Best for Drawing: Galaxy Tab S7+
— Best With Windows 11: Galaxy Book Pro 360
— Best for Gaming: Galaxy Tab A8
— Best Cheap: Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

How We Picked the Best Samsung Tablets

Tablets make sense for plenty of folks who like smartphones but want a much larger screen. There are many popular tablet brands out there that aren’t iPads, but Samsung Galaxy tablets offer a little more bang for your buck when it comes to performance than lower-end offerings like Amazon Fire. Here are some things we considered when picking out the best Samsung tablets.

Size: Bigger is almost always better when it comes to tablets, and Galaxy tabs are no different. Higher-end models with more powerful specs typically run larger. Of course, you can expect to pay almost exponentially for a larger device, so whether it makes sense to you depends on your budget and what you’re looking to get out of your tablet.

Power: Android-powered machines, be they smartphones, streaming devices, or tablets, always pack a surprising amount of power in a small space. Even the lower-end offerings are surprisingly fast and reliable, but expect at least a couple of compromises.

Screen Type: OLED screens are having a moment right now, and for good reason. The intense brightness, deep contrast, and color clarity will forever ruin you for lesser screen types. Of course, they come at a premium price. OLED Samsung tablets must be worth the investment.

Extra Features: Tablets sort of run together, as far as their capabilities go. But Samsung tablets stand out by throwing a few surprises into the mix. Most of them welcome quality-of-life improvements that you’ll miss if you ever decide to switch brands in the future. Some are glitzy on the surface but totally unnecessary. Other tablets are designed for seniors or great for note-taking.

Build Quality: Just about every single Samsung device, from its smartphones to its televisions is sleek and built to last, which is why these glossy numbers tend to run a little on the pricey side. Of course, some are built a little better than others, but even the ones on the lower end of the scale of the offering are pretty sturdy.

Best Samsung Tablets: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Galactically Great. Samsung

Why It Made The Cut: Powerful performance on one of the best and brightest screens on the market.

— Dimensions: 12.85 inches L x 8.21 inches W x 0.22 inches D
— Weight: 1.6 pounds
— Display: 14.6 inch Super AMOLED
— RAM: 8 to 16 GB
— Available Storage: 128 to 512 GB

— Ultra large AMOLED screen
— Fast charging, long battery life
— Seriously powerful

— Incredibly expensive

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is a modern marvel, the way it packs an unbelievable amount of specs in such a small space.

This tablet is just under a quarter-inch thick, but it’s no slouch when it comes to power, especially as far as its big gorgeous Super AMOLED screen is concerned. The engineering behind the screen is totally inspired. Instead of a layer dedicated to touching functions, the touchscreen is integrated into the screen itself, so it looks and feels just like every other OLED screen you’re used to. Not only does it provide life-like color clarity, but it automatically adapts to all lighting environments to provide the best picture while being easy on the eyes. It charges quickly and lasts for hours on end, even if you max out the screen specs. Its graphic and sound, and speed capabilities provide an almost desktop experience, especially if you throw in a keyboard. For mobile media, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra works equally well as a streaming and gaming device, just sync your favorite gamepad via Bluetooth and it’s ready to go. The Qualcomm Snapdragon processor makes this a speedy and versatile workhorse, for productivity and play alike. Of course, all these features come at a premium, but you may not need to upgrade for at least a few years should you drop the investment on one now.

Best for Drawing: Galaxy Tab S7+

Content-Creator Friendly. Samsung

Why It Made The Cut: Creatives of all kinds, but especially artists, will love the fantastic and responsive pen paired with a big, beautiful screen.

— Dimensions: 11.22 inches L x 7.28 inches W x 0.22 inches D
— Weight: 1.3 pounds
— Display: 12.4 inch Super AMOLED
— RAM: 6 to 8 GB
— Available Storage: 128 to 512 GB

— Fast processor
— Best-in-class pen
— Cinematic screen

— Weaker camera

For many creatives, a tablet is a great way to create art on the go, and the Galaxy Tab S7+ is perfect for doing just that.

The S Pen is a creative and productive magic wand. With a 9 millisecond, low-latency response, it's perfect for sketching in Adobe Photoshop and is designed to be used for hours with its comfortable, enhanced grip. It even doubles as a remote control to flip through photos, play videos, or even snap pictures on the built-in camera. Granted, the cameras on both the front aren’t as powerful as one would like, but they don’t really need to be. There are plenty of tradeoffs here that won’t make you miss it. The Super AMOLED screen makes all creative works pop, whether you’re editing photos and videos, or using your S Pen to create original works. The S7 offers unmatched color clarity and brightness whether you're using it to flex your creative muscles or just stream some YouTube. And because it's got a super-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, you can keep a handful of apps running in the background to shuffle through even more demanding ones. Like the Galaxy S8 Ultra, the battery life isn’t too shabby either.

Best with Windows 11: Galaxy Book Pro 360

Incredibly Versatile. Samsung

Why It Made The Cut: Galaxy Book Pro 360 splits the difference between a tablet and a laptop, with a full-fledged keyboard for getting actual work done.

— Dimensions: 11.91 inches L x 7.95 inches W x 0.45 inches D
— Weight: 2.34 pounds
— Display: 13.3-inch AMOLED Touch Screen
— RAM: 8 to 16 GB
— Available Storage: 256 GB to 1 TB

— Tons of storage space
— Up to 20 hours on a single charge
— Workhorse

— Hinges are on the weaker side

Many folks who opt for tablets over laptops eventually start to miss a keyboard. The Galaxy Book Pro 360 splits the difference between a laptop and a tablet and marries many of the best features of both.

Firstly, the amount of storage space on the Galaxy Book Pro is massive, comparable to most modern laptops. This provides plenty of space for apps, documents, oodles of photos and images, and of course, games. Like any good laptop, along with a full-service keyboard, the Galaxy Book Pro can operate for up to 20 hours on a single full charge. And because the charger is lightweight, you can pack it along with this ultraslim device. It could easily be your work-from-home device, with a great front-facing camera for Zoom meetings. And once the work day is over, you can use it to game, work your creative muscles, stream Netflix, or just surf the web. The  Galaxy Book Pro goes from a laptop-like device to a tablet, and back, all with a simple flip. Granted, you may want to switch modes carefully, as the hinges in the device leave much to be desired. They’re not altogether weak, but they do occasionally feel like they could snap. This doesn’t inspire much confidence, but everything else with this powerful and speedy device just plain works. Plus, it comes with Windows 11 installed so it can go toe to toe with new PCs and laptops.

Best for Gaming: Galaxy Tab A8

Play On. Samsung

Why It Made The Cut: Galaxy Tab packs serious gaming potential on one of the more affordable Samsung tablet offerings.

— Dimensions: 11.91 inches L x 7.95 inches W x 0.45 inches D
— Weight: 2.34 pounds
— Display: 10.5-inch LCD Screen
— RAM: 8 to 16 GB
— Available Storage: 32 to 128 GB

— Big screen for immersive gaming
— Access to Samsung TV Plus and Samsung Kids
— Good value

— Screen quality lags behind other tablets

Android devices are great for mobile gaming, and the Galaxy Tab A8 is no exception. A big screen and a competitive price point make this one perfect for mobile gamers looking for a larger screen.

The Nintendo Switch may have tapped into the magic of mobile gaming, but nothing beats a big screen when it comes to immersive sessions. There are plenty of Android apps that let you play games new and old, through legal and dubious avenues. If you’re going to do the latter, nobody does it better in the tablet space than Samsung. You can even sync up plenty of your Bluetooth-enabled devices including gamepads right up, all you need is a stand and you’re ready to get your game on. Aside from being a great “Minecraft,” “Roblox,” and retro console emulation machine, there are plenty of other educational angles for young minds. Samsung Kids curates tons of games, books, and videos that are kid-friendly, and parent-approved. If kids are gonna stare at a screen for hours on end, they should at least look at something that will stimulate their minds. That said, for more hardcore gaming, you may want to splurge on a fancier Samsung tablet that packs a bigger, brighter, AMOLED screen. The value can’t be undersold here though, and this device may be more than enough for most Android gamers.

Best Cheap: Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Surprisingly Solid. Samsung

Why It Made The Cut: Galaxy Tab A7 Lite isn’t nearly as flashy as the more expensive Samsung tablets, but is great for casual use.

— Dimensions: 8.37 inches L x 4.91 inches W x 0.31 inches D
— Weight: 12.91 ounces
— Display: 8.7-inch TFT LCD Screen
— RAM: 3 to 4 GB
— Available Storage: 32 to 64 GB

— Thin, but sturdy
— Surprisingly quick
— Incredibly affordable

— Occasionally slow

Even the lowest rung on the best Samsung tablet ladder is still pretty good. The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is a fantastic budget option for anyone looking for a newish device.

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is slim, but it’s not nearly as sensitive as it looks. The build quality doesn’t slouch for a second, with a sturdy metal frame that can take the occasional spill, especially when it’s paired with a good quality case. While Tab A7 Lite lags behind in processing speed and screen size when compared to more expensive models, it manages battery life just a tad better. Users reported occasional slowdowns, but they’re rare, even when you put this device through the wringer every day. For on-the-go media streaming, it’s there for you in a clutch. It’s about as expensive as lower-end tablets are but smokes most of the tablets in its price point by a mile. Plus, it syncs up beautifully with all other Samsung devices, including Galaxy smartphones and smart TVs.

Things To Consider Before Buying the Best Samsung Tablets

Keeping Your Tablet Clean and Secure

Samsung tablets run a pretty penny, but if you take care of them, they’ll take care of you for years to come. Your Samsung tablet screen will eventually get smudged up with fingerprints, no matter how clean you keep your digits. Covering your new device with a tempered glass screen will protect the screen quality and make cleaning it even easier. Just make sure that you get the right size for your tablet. When it does come to cleaning one of the best Samsung tablets, simply wipe it down with a good microfiber cloth. What’s paramount in ensuring longevity is a good screen that can protect your tablet from the occasional spill, drop, or other accidents. The Soke Premium Shock Proof Stand Case not only offers another line of defense to your Galaxy device, but it also doubles as a stand.


Q: How much do Samsung tablets cost?

Samsung tablets run anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to around $1,450. Our best overall pick, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra lies somewhere in the middle, price-wise.

Q: Do Samsung tablets come with Microsoft Office?

Samsung tablets with screen sizes 10.1 inches or smaller come with free Microsoft Office. Devices with larger screens will require a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Q: How do I take a screenshot on a Samsung tablet?

To take a screenshot on a Samsung tablet, simply hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time.

Final Thoughts on the Best Samsung Tablets

What even is an iPad? With a versatile Android platform and some of the most impressive specs packed in ultra-thin spaces, you’ll forget all about the Apple equivalent. For the flashiest tablet experience, our overall best pic, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra can’t be beaten. If you’re wavering between whether you should get a laptop or a tablet, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 is both. For those looking to save, both the Galaxy Book Pro 360 and Galaxy Tab A7 Lite are affordable offerings.

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