The portability of laptops is one of their main assets, but you’ll need a laptop stand to make the most of the device. Laptops are becoming more and more powerful, with specs that are on par with many tower-style PCs. A good laptop stand helps you get the most out of your portable powerhouse, whether it’s giving your device a place to perch next to a larger screen, or a docking station that allows you to plug in mice, keyboards, gamepads, and lots of other accessories. Here’s a selection of the best laptop stands available right now.

Best Overall: Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2
Best for Cooling: Targus 17-inch Dual Fan Lap Chill Mat
Best for MacBook Pro: Aestoria Docking Station
Best for Bed: HUANUO Lap Desk
Best Budget: Nulaxy Laptop Stand

How We Picked the Best Laptop Stands

The one thing a laptop stand must absolutely do is provide a steady base for your laptop on a desk or surface. Some options, especially the cheaply made ones, somehow don’t consistently perform this fairly easy task. Aside from that, here are a few aspects we looked for when choosing the best laptop stands. 

Stability: Does the laptop stand jiggle when it should hold? Some laptops run a little heavier than others, but laptop stands should be able to accommodate everything from a MacBook Pro to a Razer Blade 17 and everything in between. Lack of stability is not only annoying but potentially dangerous if they cause your pricey computer to take a spill. Once placed on a stand, a laptop should stay put. 

Design: There’s a good chance that most laptop stands will be mostly obscured by the devices perched on them. However, the best laptop stands always find a way to stand out, and amplify the looks of your work or gaming setup in ways you may never have thought possible. A laptop stand doesn’t need to look cool to be effective, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. 

Connectivity: Not all laptop stands serve as docking stations, but many of the fancier offerings do. That said, some of them aren’t as stable when it comes to keeping devices from disconnecting, especially regarding the power supply. Worse yet, some docking stations will only work for Apple laptops or Windows, not both. The best laptop stands with docking ports should be equally versatile and reliable when it comes to keeping everything in the loop.

The Best Laptop Stands: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2

Eye-Catching. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

Why It Made the Cut: The Razer Chroma V2 isn’t just the best and most stable laptop stand, it may also be the sexiest. 

Dimensions: 19.5 inches L x 8.4 inches W x 2.9 inches H
Weight: 1.3 pounds
Finish: Aluminum
Laptop Compatibility: Up to 17 inches

— Gorgeous build quality
— Multiple inputs for devices and display
— Customizable RGB lighting 

— Incredibly pricey for a stand

Some may say that Razer went a little too far with its Laptop Stand Chroma V2, but it’s hard to argue with the device’s excellence.

As a stand, the aluminum finish makes it incredibly sturdy, and it can accommodate larger, more powerful laptops. Even when a laptop isn’t perched on top of it, this stand simply will not skid thanks to its rubberized accents, including on its base. The Chroma V2 isn’t simply a way to prop up your laptop for easy screen viewing, it’s a full-blown dock that connects your laptop to a power source, a display through HDMI, two USB-A, and one USB-C input. Like many of Razer’s products, it comes with full Chroma RGB support, which allows for some stellar customization when it comes to aesthetics. The Chroma V2 is the best laptop stand available right now, but it’s not exactly inexpensive. However, when you take into account that it also serves as a docking station, the value may be there, especially if you like to accessorize. 

Best for Cooling: Targus 17-inch Dual Fan Lap Chill Mat

Totally Cool. Targus

Why It Made the Cut: For laptops that run hot, Targus Dual Fan Chill Matt cools down devices on desktops or in your lap. 

Dimensions: 12 inches L x 15.1 inches W x 2.2 inches H
Weight: 1.99 pounds
Finish: Neoprene
Laptop Compatibility: Up to 17 inches

— Better build than most “cooling” mats
— Compatible with Mac and PC
— Keeps hot devices running smoothly

— Connectivity issues with legacy laptops

If you’ve ever had a laptop crash in the middle of summer, you know how tragic it can be watching your laptop overheat, especially if you’re in the middle of a project or “Fortnite” match. Enter the Targus 17-inch Dual Fan Lap Chill Mat. Aside from the powerful fans inside this stand, this device is built to absorb heat from devices that run hot. 

Laptop cooling stands are more often than not, cheaply made, with weak fans encased in flimsy plastic housings. The Targus Chill Mat is the best laptop stand in its class, with a bit more intention in its engineering than lesser cooling stands. The surface is made of neoprene, one of the most breathable rubbers out there. The stand contains a dual-fan system, which rounds out its heat-dispersion capabilities. It’s compatible with both Mac and PC devices, at least, in theory. Newer Mac laptops have phased out USB-A inputs, so you’ll need to buy an A-to-C adapter if you plan on using it with a Mac. All in all, the Targus Chill Matt is great for desktops but is also portable and comfortable enough to use in your lap. 

Best for MacBook Pro: Aestoria Docking Station

Super Streamlined. Aestoria

Why It Made the Cut: This stand makes a great docking station to help you get the most out of your MacBook Pro. 

Dimensions: 3.55 inches L x 7.48 inches W x 3.74 inches H
Weight: 0.98 pounds
Finish: Aluminum
Laptop Compatibility: MacBook Pro up to 16 inches

— Dual screen support
— Ten inputs for data, USB, and HDMI
— Great streamlined solution for desktops

— Dual screen support only with newer Macs

Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops are one of the most powerful devices on the market. The downside to these devices, though, is the paltry amount of places to plug accessories into. But the Aestoria Docking Station can help you get the most out of your powerful laptop on your desktop. 

The visual output in this dock allows you to connect M1-powered MacBook Pros to two 4K displays at once. Older MacBook Pro models may work with this dock, but the dual-screen support is strictly for the newer devices. That said, there are tons of ports here including ones for micro and standard SD cards, three USB ports, a 3.5 mm audio jack, and even an Ethernet port. Unfortunately, Firstly, this laptop stand doesn’t allow you to use your main laptop screen if you plan on connecting to a big wide monitor. But considering its low profile, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to streamline a cluttered desktop without sacrificing an ounce of performance or stability. 

Best for Bed: HUANUO Lap Desk

Cozy and Reliable. HUANUO

Why It Made the Cut: A good quality laptop stand for lazy days and cozy Saturday mornings. 

Dimensions: 14 inches L x 21.5 inches W x 2.5 inches H
Weight: 4.3 pounds
Finish: Wood and Fabric
Laptop Compatibility: Up to 17 inches, along with a phone

— Built-in support for mouse and smartphone
— Cozy cushions for wrists and lap
— Attractive finish 

— Strictly for right-handed people

What’s better than a good laptop stand? A laptop stand you can use while you’re surrounded by high-thread count comforters and Egyptian cotton pillows.

Yes, the HUANUO Lap Desk is perfect for comfortable surfing from your bed, but it’s versatile enough to use on just about any surface. When it’s parked on your lap, rest assured that the bottom cushions won’t cause an ounce of pain on your legs even after hours of use. The same material works as a wrist wrest, so you can type away without the fear of strain. This stand doesn’t just accommodate a laptop, but a phone, and even a mouse. The right side of the stand has an integrated mouse pad. That said, it’s built-in, so left-handers may feel left out in the cold. Even if you don’t use this as your go-to laptop stand, it’s low profile enough to tuck under your bed for especially lazy days when you can’t seem to leave your bed. 

Best Budget: Nulaxy Laptop Stand

Sleek and Sturdy. Nulaxy

Why It Made the Cut: The Nulaxy is a stand, nothing more, nothing less, and frankly, it may be all you need.  

Dimensions: 8.7 inches L x 10.2 inches W x 5.6 inches H
Weight: 1.76 pounds
Finish: Aluminum
Laptop Compatibility: Laptops from 10-15.6 inches 

— Good heat dissipation
— Lightweight and easy to assemble
— Incredibly good value

— Sharp edges 

If we’re talking about the best laptop stand without any bells and whistles, the list starts and ends with this offering by Nulaxy

This laptop stand is well within any budget, but that doesn’t stop it from having an attractive finish and sturdy build quality. Nulaxy Laptop Stand accommodates plenty of different devices, so long as they are smaller than 15.6 inches wide. Laptops are at home here, but this stand can also easily accommodate larger tablets. Even without built-in fans, this device has great heat dissipation because of its open design. There are even pass-through ports on its legs for the power supply or accessory cords, which are essential if you’re buying a stand to clean up your messy desktop. Aside from its sharp edges, it’s a fantastic stand, even if it is fairly barebones. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Laptop Stand

The Obvious (and Not So Obvious) Benefits of a Laptop Stand

Do you need a laptop stand? They’re not for everyone. Many laptop users choose smaller, portable devices because they don’t want to be bogged down with clunky extras. However, if your laptop is more often than not plugged into a bigger screen on a wide desktop in a home office or game room, a laptop stand can certainly streamline things. Simple stands like the Nulaxy Laptop Stand help declutter your desktop. Devices that double as docks like Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2 are flashy enough to turn heads, but also let you plug in mechanical keyboards, mice, microphones, gamepads, 4K displays, and other accessories while they prop up your laptop. 

A secondary benefit of a laptop stand is that it may make things easier on your neck and back. Consider how you normally look at your laptop screen. In many cases, your neck is probably craned downward, which can do murder on your posture if you’re using a laptop for hours on end at least five days a week. Elevating your laptop gives it a little gravity so it works with your natural field of vision, so you can stare straight ahead instead of down. Over time, this will reduce strain on your neck and back. 


Q: Which type of laptop stand is best?

For a simple and inexpensive stand, we recommend the Nulaxy Laptop Stand. Our best overall pick, Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2, is a stand that also serves as a gorgeous dock, with plenty of USB and visual inputs. 

Q: What are the types of laptop stands?

There are laptop stands built for desks, laps, and travel, as well as some that are made for cooling down hot devices. 

Q: Is a laptop stand worth it?

Laptop stands help organize cluttered desktops and may have secondary ergonomic features depending on the height of your desk. 

Q: Are laptop stands good for your neck?

Because laptop stands elevate your device’s screen, they can relieve stress on your neck because you don’t have to angle your head down to look at them. 

Q: Are laptop stands good for your laptop?

Laptop stands are not typically detrimental to your device, as long as you use a laptop stand that is compatible with your laptop. 

Q: Do laptop stands help with cooling?

Many laptop stands help with airflow and can improve the way these devices cool down. The Nulaxy Laptop Stand provides good airflow for laptops as big as 15.6 inches, but the Targus 17-inch Dual Fan Lap Chill Matt is built with cooling in mind and has two built-in fans to accommodate this task. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Laptop Stands

Laptop stands come in many different styles, and for many, the simple avenue is best. Still, it’s hard not to fall in love with our overall best pick, the Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2, which serves as a solid stand and reliable docking station, complete with customizable lighting. If you’re looking for a stand and nothing else, the popular and affordable Nulaxy Laptop Stand is also a great choice. 

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