The best keyboard wrist rests keep your wrists aligned for optimum typing form. They’re made of a range of different materials, from wood to memory foam and gel. Different heights and lengths accommodate various keyboard sizes and typing styles.

When you’re on the hunt for a more comfortable experience working or gaming, a wrist rest’s design and materials heavily factor into the final feel. They need to be long, wide, and thick enough for your keyboard with enough cushioning to comfortably keep your wrists in line with the rest of the hand. You also have to decide if you want a matching mouse wrist rest. Take a look at the best keyboard wrist rests on our list for the models that stand out for ergonomics, comfort, and looks. 

— Best Overall: Gimars Upgrade Enlarge Gel Memory Foam Set
— Best for Gaming: HyperX Wrist Rest
— Best Gel: 3M Gel Wrist Rest
— Most Comfortable: iVeze Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad Set
— Best Budget: ELZO Keyboard Wrist Rest

How We Picked the Best Keyboard Wrist Rests

As someone who struggles with carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive use injuries, I’m well-versed in keyboard wrist rests, their benefits, and common pitfalls. The keyboard wrist rests on this list offer a basic level of durability. The memory foam, gel, fabrics, and base materials should hold up to regular, daily use. I considered user reviews to find the wrist rests that perform better long-term.

I also took a good look at materials. There’s a balance between quality and price that influenced my picks. Extra stitching, natural rubber, and the quality of the foams helped inform the models that ultimately made the list. 

Best Keyboard Wrist Rests: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Gimars Upgrade Enlarge Gel Memory Foam Set

All-Around Winner. Gimars

Why It Made The Cut: A memory-foam keyboard wrist rest combined with a gel mouse wrist rest creates a set that keeps hands and wrists comfortable from many angles and positions.

— Dimensions: 17 inches L x 3.4 inches W x 1 inch H (keyboard wrist rest); 6.3 inches L x 3 inches W x 1 inch H (mouse wrist pad)
— Materials: Memory foam, gel, rubber
— No Slip: Yes

— Rubber, gel non-skid to bottom
— Memory foam covered in soft Lycra
— Includes gel mouse wrist rest as part of the set
— Made in several colors and prints

— Lighter colors can get stained easily

This Gimars Memory Foam Set fits well with a standard full-size keyboard and brings a good balance of quality for the price. It doesn’t hurt that it comes with a gel mouse wrist rest for better positioning whether you’re using the mouse or keyboard.

The keyboard wrist rest’s memory foam contours well and has a Lycra cover that brings the right amount of breathability. Once you lift your wrists, the memory foam bounces back into its original shape. A non-skid backing that consists of rubber and gel grips the desk for added stability. We also like that this set comes in several colors and patterns. However, the lighter colors easily show stains, so you’re better off with a darker color or one of the patterns.

Best for Gaming: HyperX Wrist Rest

Sleek and Cool. HyperX

Why It Made The Cut: The HyperX’s cooling memory foam keeps gamers comfortable when the competition gets intense.

— Dimensions: 18 inches L x 3.9 inches W x 0.9 inches H
— Materials: Gel memory foam, rubber
— No Slip: Yes

— Cooling gel memory foam
— Anti-fray stitching
— Textured, natural rubber bottom

— Cover can slide around

The HyperX Wrist Rest is made by a well-known gaming brand, and this minimalist rest is made of cooling gel memory foam. The gel absorbs heat from the user’s wrist, pulling it away from the body while cushioning and contouring.

The added durability of anti-fray stitching keeps active players from blowing through another wrist rest. A natural rubber bottom also improves durability because of natural rubber's longer lifespan. The only issue we can see is that the fabric cover can sometimes shift during active play.

Best Gel: 3M Gel Wrist Rest 

Bring the Heat. 3M

Why It Made The Cut: This gel wrist rest’s silky cover is soft against the skin but wipes clean while the gel absorbs heat and offers contoured cushioning.

— Dimensions: 19.9 inches L x 2.19 inches W x 0.94 inches H
— Materials: Gel, “silky” material
— No Slip: Yes

— Heat-absorbing gel
— Comfortable cover
— Cover easily wipes clean

— Too much pressure can leave dents in cover

The 3M Gel Wrist Rest has a soft but supportive gel center that not only cushions the wrist but also absorbs heat for better temperature control. That gel also contours to the shape of the wrist. However, the cover is just as important to this model’s comfort as the gel. It’s described as “silky.” However, that’s more accurate to the texture than the material itself. This surprisingly soft, comfortable material easily wipes clean, which is one of this model’s big pros. Finally, it also has a textured bottom to prevent slipping.

Users do need to be careful with this one. It is possible to leave permanent dents in the cover with too much pressure, like that left with an elbow.

Most Comfortable: iVeze Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad Set 

Comes in Range of Artistic Designs. iVeze

Why It Made The Cut: A mix of comfortable Lycra, memory foam, and gel make this one of the most comfortable and attractive options on the market.

— Dimensions: ‎17.6 inches L x 8.6 inches W x 0.5 inches H
— Materials: Lycra, memory foam, gel, natural rubber
— No Slip: Yes

— High-quality memory foam and Lycra
— Includes gel mouse wrist rest
— Comes in many colors and creative patterns
— Natural rubber bottom 

— Light colors easily show stains

The iVeze Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad Set features a memory-foam wrist rest and gel mouse wrist rest covered in breathable, comfortable Lycra. The memory foam does an excellent job of cushioning and contouring but returns to its original position when pressure is removed.

A natural rubber bottom adds the right amount of texture to keep both the keyboard and mouse wrist rests in place. We also love that it comes in creative prints from famous works of art or solid colors. However, light colors easily show stains.

Best Budget: ELZO Keyboard Wrist Rest

Solid Choice. ELZO

Why It Made The Cut: Soft fabric and durable memory foam make this a comfortable, affordable wrist rest.

— Dimensions: 16.9 inches L x 3.15 inches W x 0.98 inches H
— Materials: Memory foam, latex, terylene
— No Slip: Yes

— Soft but stable memory foam
— Non-skid latex bottom
— Pressed edge to prevent rolling

— Not as much cushioning as more expensive models

The ELZO Keyboard Wrist Rest is slightly thinner than more expensive wrist rests, but it still offers durable memory foam that contours and cushions the wrists. It’s designed with a pressed edge that prevents rolling and offers a seamless transition from the rest to the desktop. A non-skid latex bottom helps to keep it in place. The ELZO also comes in a few solid colors and one pattern.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Keyboard Wrist Rest

Size and Shape

Keyboard wrist rests vary in length, height, and width. Buy one that’s the same length as your keyboard. For example, if you have a full-size keyboard, you need a wrist rest that’s equal in length so that your wrists are supported across the entire length of the keyboard. The same can be said for a tenkeyless, 75 percent, or 40 percent keyboard. Height is another important measurement to keep in mind. The goal is to find a height that lifts the wrist to avoid repetitive motion injuries. For most people, a wrist rest that’s anywhere from half to one inch high will do.

Shape is less of an issue, but some keyboard wrist rests are more ergonomic than others. Some are rectangular, while others have more rounded ends. Others have a dimpled service to enhance breathability. You can find models with a rounded top and those that are flat or angled. Consider what’s comfortable for you, your typing style, and the length of time you spend on a keyboard.


Plastic: While plastic wrist rests are inexpensive, they’re not an ideal material in most cases. Plastic can trap heat and irritate the skin. You’re better off spending a few more dollars on a wrist rest covered in a soft fabric like neoprene.

Fabric: Wrist rests are often covered in different fabrics, such as neoprene, Lycra, or leather. These fabrics add comfort, and some, like neoprene and Lycra, improve breathability.

Memory foam: Memory foam compresses under heat and pressure, molding itself to the shape of your wrists. Many people find it one of the more comfortable materials, especially when it’s covered in a breathable fabric. Some models are made with gel memory foam, which has either a gel top layer or gel infused into the memory foam to enhance breathability and comfort. However, memory foam can trap heat and break down over time, leaving divots in the wrist rest. 

Gel: Gel wrist rests function much like memory foam. They give under pressure and mold to the shape of your wrist. Gel doesn’t break down over time as memory foam can. However, gel models are more prone to bursting or punctures than memory foam.

Wood: Wood wrist rests are probably the most attractive and durable models. They have a smooth polished surface that comes to a gentle peak to better fit the wrist. However, they don’t flex and mold like other materials so you don’t necessarily get a comfortable, custom fit.

Rubber: Rubber is often used as a non-skid bottom to prevent the wrist rest from shifting while in use. Natural rubber has better durability than its synthetic counterpart.


Price is one of the first durability indicators. In general, better-quality materials and construction cost a little bit more. Another indicator is the materials. Wood offers the best durability, but you sacrifice some comfort and breathability. Memory foam can break down over time, leaving divots in the wrist rest. Gel does well, but it’s more prone to punctures. Keep in mind that higher-priced memory from and gel perform much better than average.

Some materials are also easier to clean. For example, plastic and wood can be wiped down. Fabric-covered models are often the most comfortable, but they’re harder to keep clean and prone to stains. Some gel wrist rests do not have a fabric cover, but that leaves them open to punctures, so you have to be more careful with them.


Q: How much do keyboard wrist rest typically cost?

Keyboard wrist rests typically cost between $10 and $50. Plastic and memory-foam models make up the bottom of the price range. Higher-quality memory foam and gel are in the mid- to high range, with wood typically at the top of the price range.

Q: Do keyboard wrist rests help with carpal tunnel?

Keyboard wrist rests can help with carpal tunnel, but they aren't likely to make it completely disappear. The outcomes will depend upon the severity of the carpal tunnel syndrome, the keyboard they’re used with, and the biomechanics of your wrist. If the wrist rest can keep the wrist in a healthy, neutral position, it can be an integral part of preventing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Q: How thick should a wrist rest be?

Most wrist rests are anywhere from half- to one-inch thick. The taller the keyboard, the thicker the wrist rest needs to be. They should be about equal in height to the keyboard to keep the wrist in a healthy position

Q: Are wrist rests comfortable?

Wrist rests can be incredibly comfortable, especially when you have a model that fits your typing style and keyboard. They provide cushioning and elevation for better hand positioning.

Final Thoughts

The Gimars Upgrade Enlarge Gel Memory Foam Set has the best balance of quality and price. A memory-foam wrist rest and gel mouse rest support the wrists and offer excellent durability. If you’re looking for simple and affordable, the ELZO Keyboard Wrist Rest does a good job cushioning for slightly thinner keyboards.

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