It’s common practice nowadays to buy screen protectors for tech like your iPhone, and yet, the market for Apple Watch screen protectors is still fairly emerging, despite the product having been on the scene for nearly a decade. Your Apple Watch is exposed to the bumps and grinds of your daily life, where there’s no doubt the risk of scratches abounds. So laying a protector over the product’s beautiful glass display will bring you a calm you maybe didn’t know you needed. We rounded up the best Apple Watch screen protectors to keep your timepiece in the shape it was in when you bought it — as well as your replacement and repair fees down.

Best Overall: Misxi 2 Pack Hard PC Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Best Budget: ArmorSuit MilitaryShield 6-Pack Screen Protector
Best With Case: Smiling Apple Watch Case
Best for Apple Watch 7: Cuteey 3-Pack
Best for Apple Watch SE: Geekboy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

How We Picked the Best Apple Screen Protectors

We reviewed more than a dozen Apple Watch screen protectors and evaluated brand reputation, buyer reviews, design, price, and material. We were focused primarily on products that are considered stand-alone Apple Watch screen protectors, though many of these products also include cases — which we have separately rounded up.

The screen protectors we chose stood out because of their protective quality and ability to be paired with other accessories such as bands and cases. In evaluating reviews and researching product blogs, tempered glass is considered the superior material for screen protectors due to its resistance to damage and similarity to the high-quality Apple Watch screen, so we identified several options with that in mind. Ultimately, we aimed to avoid any screen protectors that cheapened the overall experience of using the Apple Watch that so many people know and love.

Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Misxi 2 Pack Hard PC Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Chic and Easy to Use. Misxi

Why It Made The Cut: The Misxi scratch-resistant screen protector has a natural touch and HD clarity with a winning material to protect the Apple Watch display as well as the bezel. 


 Size: 40 and 44mm
— Material: Tempered glass and polycarbonate
— Watch Compatibility: Apple Watch SE and Series 6/5/4 


— Snap-on design
— Scratch resistant
— Affordable price for pack of two 


— Not compatible with Series 7 

The Misxi snap-on case is easy to install and adds barely any bulk or heft to your watch, despite including a bonus feature of edge protection. The slim design looks clean and chic, and it has cutouts to make using and charging your Apple Watch convenient. It does not mess around: According to one reviewer, this cover took a hit during an intense mountain biking crash — but the watch was spared. The product comes with wet and dry wipes to make installation easy, and it’s compatible with most of the leading and recent Apple Watch generations. It also comes in a range of colors, from neutral black to metallic silver, to fit a range of needs. While it can withstand hard impacts and tough environments, it should not be used to protect your timepiece while swimming.

Best Budget: ArmorSuit MilitaryShield 6-Pack Screen Protector

Made in the USA. ArmorSuit

Why It Made The Cut: You can get half a dozen screen protectors from ArmorSuit MilitaryShield for the price of one; they fend off scratches to the Apple Watch as well as to the products themselves.


 Size: 44mm
— Material: Thermoplastic polyurethane
— Watch Compatibility: Apple Watch SE and Series 6/5/4 


— Affordable price for pack of six
— Works well with a case
— Clear, minimal material


— Not as smooth as glass or tempered glass 

The ArmorSuit MilitaryShield brand relies on material used for technology as sophisticated as military aircraft — but for your beloved Apple Watch. It claims to use self-repairing technology that proactively eliminates minor scratches on the protector, extending its lifetime and visibility. The film is engineered to avoid yellowing due to sun exposure, so you can wear your watch without hesitation during long days outdoors. The six-pack is a great value, giving you plenty of backup cases to share with friends and family. The price is cheap enough, too, for devoted fans to keep restocking over time. While this brand advertises that it fits the Apple Watch Series 7, it is 1mm short of the full display.

Best With Case: Smiling Apple Watch Case

Super Responsive Touchscreen. Smiling

Why It Made The Cut: The Smiling Apple Watch Case is the closest you can get to the feel of your glass display, plus it comes in a tight-fitting transparent option to show off your watch’s design.


 Size: 40, 41, 44 and 45mm
— Material: Tempered glass and polycarbonate
— Watch Compatibility: Apple Watch SE and Series 7/6/5/4 


— Wide range of colors and styles
— Compatible with every major Apple Watch
— Crisp HD clarity


— Some people complain about long-term durability

The Smiling Apple Watch case with screen protector is sensitive to touch, so you can enjoy the ease of your smartwatch features with peace of mind that it will be protected against scratches, drops, and bumps. This protector has precise cutouts and a snap-on design, making it easy to use on special occasions or for every day. It’s super lightweight, and the 9H tempered glass — which is a shorthand unit of measurement based on the screen’s ability to resist scratches from the hardest standard grade drawing pencil — is an asset that makes this case stand out. Its color options also blend well with the branded Apple Watch bands, so you can achieve a clean look.

Best for Apple Watch 7: Cuteey 3-Pack

Great Value. Cuteey

Why It Made The Cut: At an unbeatable price, the Cuteey screen protector and bumper protect the Apple Watch crystals from everyday damage with a slim, lightweight design.


 Size: 41 and 45mm
— Material: Thermoplastic polyurethane
— Watch compatibility: Apple Watch Series 7


— Covers face and bezel of the Apple Watch
— Precision holes for ease of use
— Clear and glossy look


— Difficult to install for some people

With a limited number of products designed to fit the Apple Watch Series 7, the Cuteey screen protector has an edge in the product space — for good reason. Its rounded and minimal appearance blend well with the body of the watch, and it’s sensitive to touch, making the experience of using your timepiece as pleasant and uninterrupted as you’d like. Its wraparound design helps eliminate any bubbles, and it claims to be anti-scratch and reduce risk of water exposure. Bonus: This highly demanded, stylish case comes at a budget-friendly price. 

As for installation, you’ll need to remove the Apple Watch band to snap on this screen protector, which is one extra step but ultimately worth it. The clear screen protectors are the only ones available for Apple Watch Series 7 at the moment, but the Cuteey Store has a range of other cases and screen protectors in various materials and pack sizes to fit other generations of the watch.

Best for Apple Watch SE: Geekboy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Durable Option. Geekboy

Why It Made The Cut: The Geekboy high-definition tempered-glass screen protector is delicate to the touch but tough on basic detritus and damage.


 Size: 40 and 44mm
Material: Tempered glass
 Watch compatibility: Apple Watch SE and Series 6/5/4 


— Brand includes handy installation video
— Cover has 9H surface hardness
— Curved coverage spans entire Apple Watch screen


— Can be at risk of cracking

The Geekboy screen protector is ideal for Apple Watch owners who want to pair it with another third-party case that has special features and added protection. It's more durable than flexible plastic, sensitive to touch, and maintains the native quality of the watch’s front glass — but it can be at risk of cracking. This screen protector fits snugly and hugs the edges of your Apple Watch, delivering full protection, though some users note the black border may obstruct a small portion of the screen depending on the viewing angle. Overall, the product’s resistance to scratches, fingerprints, and water damage set it apart for people looking to cover their Apple Watch SE’s face.

When installing this screen protector, you should be extra careful to avoid touching the adhesive to prevent the possibility of bubbles. The brand’s installation video on Amazon offers step-by-step instructions worth watching.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Apple Watch Screen Protector 

Your Device’s Generation

The latest Apple Watch Series 7 comes in sizes 45mm and 41mm — and it’s also underrepresented in the screen protector market based on our search. You could use a screen protector made for earlier models, which predominantly come in sizes 44mm or 40mm, but know that your fit may not be perfect. All of that said, nearly all your screen being protected is more of a buffer against scratches than none of your screen being protected.


Lots of screen protectors are an easy press-and-forget job, though with the adhesive types, you’ll be committing to the protector for quite a bit until you decide against it or it needs replacement due to general wear and tear. Consider how often you’d want to replace a screen protector; for some people, a multipack like the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield 6 Pack Screen Protector is the best option to fit your needs. 

If you want a protector designed to be more regularly removed, consider one of the screen protector options that include a wraparound case that you can swap in and out without hassle. Most important, go with a material and quality that makes you feel comfortable wearing your timepiece in a range of situations.


There’s no doubt that Apple Watch buyers are attracted to the product at least in part because of its luxe glass screen — a feature that the company continues to develop and draw attention to with each new watch generation. Tempered glass, a common material used to make some of the best Apple Watch screen protectors, is a strong option because it helps maintain that original factory quality without exposing the screen to as much potential damage. The standard grading system used to determine the toughness of the tempered glass screen protectors is often determined using a drawing pencil; among the pencils, the hardest widely available is the 9H. It’s cited in some of our top pics as “9H tempered glass” to signal the specific screen can withstand a scratch from this pencil, which is a marker of greater protection versus withstanding scratches from a softer pencil.

Lots of multipack screen protectors are often made of thermoplastic polyurethane. This material is frequently less expensive and still offers excellent transparency and flexibility, though you may need to replace these protectors more often than tempered glass. Fortunately they’re easy to remove despite their resistance to most everyday scratches.

Other Products

Are you envisioning your screen protector as a stand-alone guard or as one piece of your overall protection toolkit? The beauty of some screen protectors is their ability to be paired with different cases and bands that together create a more custom look and experience with the Apple Watch. Decide which product(s) you’re using in conjunction with the screen protector, or vice versa, and make your purchase from there.


Q: Does Apple recommend a screen protector for Apple Watches?

Apple does not recommend a screen protector for Apple Watches. The company says the Apple Watch Series 7 has “the most crack-resistant front crystal yet,” and the aluminum watches of the latest generation have Ion-X front glass, while the stainless steel and titanium models have sapphire-front crystals.

Q: Is a ceramic shield better than Gorilla Glass?

It’s hard to make a value judgment on Ceramic Shield — a marketing term — and Gorilla Glass. For people interested in the subject, this blog for Apple enthusiasts provides a ton of helpful information.

Q: Is the Apple Watch 6 scratch resistant?

The Apple Watch 6 can be more scratch resistant with a case or screen protector. Like the Apple Watch 7, the aluminum watches of this generation have Ion-X front glass, while the stainless steel and titanium models have sapphire front crystals.

Q: How much does an Apple Watch screen protector cost?

The cost of an Apple Watch screen protector can vary. There are plenty of affordable single and multipack options that will cost you less than $10.

Q: Are glass screen protectors worth it for the Apple Watch?

Glass screen protectors can be worth it for an Apple Watch because they help owners retain the appeal of the bare touch screen while protecting the display from everyday and serious damage. Some of them also have designs that wrap around and protect the metal body of the watch, saving you from buying multiple products.

Q: Does the Apple Watch scratch easily?

The Apple Watch does not scratch easily, but that doesn’t mean it won’t scratch at all. Plenty of Apple Watch owners know that the timepiece can be damaged with either minimal scratches or a major crack that makes the product unusable until it’s fixed. 

Final Thoughts

While Apple doesn’t sell or advertise the usefulness of screen protectors, fixing screen damage will cost most people a fee, even if they have AppleCare. Investing a small amount of money in protecting your screen is worthwhile, especially relative to most tech insurance. 

The Misxi 2 Pack Hard PC Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector delivers on protection as well as aesthetics, with a premium material that is a delight to install and use for maximum protection.

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