The best 85-inch TVs are strictly for anyone looking to make their entertainment center dazzle friends and amaze enemies. Televisions in the 80-inch range are about as big as screens get for civilians. It’s not just screen size getting an upgrade, these televisions are packed with power that makes even 60-inch screens feel primitive. Yes, they’re extremely pricey, but newer models are made to be watched for years before replacing. Here’s everything you need to know about the best 85-inch TVs.

— Best Overall: Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV, 85-inch
— Best for Gaming: Sony X95J 85-Inch BRAVIA XR Full Array LED 4K Ultra HD
— Best Budget: Hisense 85-Inch Class u7H OLED TV
— Best for the Money: TCL 85-Inch Class XL Collection QLED 4K UHD Smart Roku TV
— Best OLED: LG 83-Inch Class C1 Series OLED 4K UHD Smart webOS TV

How We Picked the Best 85-Inch TVs

There’s a bevy of massive televisions available on the market, and at first glance, many 85-inch TVs seemingly run together. What’s the difference between a great device worth splurging on and a so-so one? Here are a few things we considered when picking out the best 85-inch TVs.

Image Quality: Can you even begin to fathom buying a massive television that isn’t at least 4K? These days, 4K is the floor, not the ceiling. Plenty of televisions in this size range is at least 8K. There’s no sense in settling for anything less. Aside from resolution, screen types vary, from LED to OLED, and other proprietary models. Big, bright, immersive video quality is paramount if you’re dropping the kind of cash the best 85-inch TVs typically run for.

Usability: I don’t mean to channel Andy Rooney in the worst possible way but smart TVs…sometimes, they’re dumb! There’s a reason Roku and Amazon Fire devices still sell like hotcakes, and that’s because the UI in many smart televisions just isn’t that reliable. Sometimes they can be laggy, unresponsive, and crash at a moment’s notice. Not always, of course, but a dependable backend is always a great thing.

Versatility: An 85-inch screen isn’t just great for watching the big game or streaming shows and movies. Ideally, a screen that packs plenty of inputs to plug in everything from an Xbox Series S to a Blu-Ray Player, and maybe even a laptop. Better yet, the inputs should be accessible from a few different angles, considering that even in the best case scenario, a massive television is difficult to move around.

Audio: Occasionally, television manufacturers treat audio as an afterthought. It would be a red hot bummer if you drop more than a thousand dollars on a device with fantastic picture quality but shoddy audio. Yes, this isn’t something a relatively affordable soundbar can’t fix. But it’s not ideal.

Price: Expect to drop a pretty obscene amount of money on a television in the 85-inch class. Does it mean that pricier models are better? Not necessarily. Value is paramount with devices like this. Getting more for your investment is always better than paying for features you may not ever tap into.

Best 85-inch TVs: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV, 85-inch

Infinite Greatness. Samsung

Why It Made The Cut: The Neo QLED 8K 85-inch TV is the biggest, brightest, and most powerful screen in its class.

Dimensions: 42.2 inches L x 73.9 inches W x 0.7 inches D, without stand
Screen Size: 84.5 inches
Weight: 96.6 pounds, without stand
Display: QLED
Resolution: 8K (7,680 x 4,320)
Refresh Rate: Up to 120Hz (hertz)

— Nearly invisible bezel
— Deep, intense, and precise color
— Easy on the eyes, in more ways than one

— Shaky stand
— Incredibly expensive

It doesn’t get more immersive than the Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV, 85-inch, powered by a wickedly powerful Neural Quantum Processor that uses AI to make watching TV less an activity and more of a full-blown experience.

As the name states, the grid of Quantum Mini LEDs delivers more than one billion colors with crisp brights and intense contrasts. Dolby Atmos sound provides seriously cinematic audio with Object Tracking Sound Plus. You can practically hear the getaway car zoom past you in “The Transporter,” the whirr of an approaching natural disaster in “Twister,” and even romantic rainfall in “Spider-Man,” with a sound that travels, just like it does in an IMAX theater. Even if the content you’re watching isn’t in 8K, Smart Calibration Pro upscales everything to take advantage of every single pixel. Even though the screen is big and bright, EyeComfort Mode adapts your display to be a little more gentle on your peepers. Every aspect of this television is optimized for the best viewing experience possible, from the gaming-friendly frame rate to the user-friendly app hub for streaming.

Everything except the stand, which some users have placed little faith in. This isn’t something an inexpensive mount couldn’t solve. The cost may turn some off as well, but it’s worth every penny if cinema-ready visuals are your aim.

Best for Gaming: Sony X95J 85-Inch BRAVIA XR Full Array LED 4K Ultra HD

Get in the Game. Sony

Why It Made The Cut: With features made just for PS5 and a lightning-fast refresh rate, the Sony X95J Bravia is as game-ready as it gets.

Dimensions: 42.87 inches L x 74.37 inches W x 2.5 inches D, without stand
Screen Size: 85 inches
Weight: 107.3 pounds, without stand
Display: Standard LED
Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)
Refresh Rate: 120Hz

— Perfect for PS5
— Bravia Core takes full advantage of cinematic capabilities
— Cognitive processor optimizes sound and video

— Doesn’t look great from every angle
— Less bright than televisions in its price range

It’s not terribly surprising that the Sony X95J BRAVIA XR Full-Array LED 4K Ultra HD works so well hand in hand with the PlayStation 5, considering both devices are made by the same company. But no matter your gaming platform of choice, BRAVIA is made to get your game on.

Console and PC gamers, especially the competitive ones, swear by refresh rates. Big action requires speed, and 120 hertz is quick enough to cover smooth gameplay in everything from web-slinging in “Spider-Man: Miles Morales,” to exploring in “Horizon Forbidden West.” Using a PS5 on BRAVIA provides input lag as low as 8.5 milliseconds. But even after you’ve had your ass handed to you in “Elden Ring,” this television is ready to optimize all viewing experiences.

Sony Cognitive Processor XR harnesses thousands of on-screen elements to deliver the best in picture quality with natural color and a surprising amount of realism. Bravia Core, which is exclusive to Sony televisions, taps into the television’s tech, to provide a cinematic level of immersion. Your TV will automatically adjust to provide the best picture, with one of the most impressive movie libraries online, all in glorious 4K. Best, but unfortunately, not the brightest. If you can stomach a non-OLED screen, the price point is pretty fair.

Best Budget: Hisense 85-Inch Class u7H OLED TV

Surprisingly Impressive. HiSense

Why It Made The Cut: Hisense 85-Inch Class u7H OLED TV isn’t nearly as flashy, but it’s much easier on your wallet.

Dimensions: 43.1 inches L x 74.9 inches W x 3.7 inches D, without stand
Screen Size: 85 inches
Weight: 90.4 pounds, without stand
Display: ULED
Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)
Refresh Rate: 120Hz

— Google OS Smart TV built-in
— Fast and reliable
— Inexpensive, for an 85-inch TV

— Low storage for app downloads
— Picture quality not on par with other 85-inch TVs

If you simply must have a massive screen, Hisense 85-Inch Class u7H OLED TV is one of the most affordable offerings out there. And while image performance lacks behind its competition, it’s not a total slouch in that department.

It’s still totally 4K, with 8.3 million pixels worth of detail powered by a full-array LED backlight. The picture comes in sharp and colorful, even if it’s not jaw-dropping like its pricier brethren. The Google Play app store makes it easy to download all your favorite streaming apps, including Disney Plus, Prime Video, and of course, Netflix. Perhaps most impressive is the 120-hertz refresh rate, which means it's ready for PC and console gaming. The refresh rate isn’t the only thing fast about the Hisense 85-Inch TV, switching between apps and channels is quick and buttery smooth. The TV fills up fast so you may have to prioritize the apps you download.

Best for the Money: TCL 85-Inch Class XL Collection QLED 4K UHD Smart Roku TV

Best Value. TCL

Why It Made The Cut: For a few dollars more, the Roku-powered TCL 85-Inch Class XL QLED 4K TV.

Dimensions: 42.8 inches L x 75.6 inches W x 3.7 inches D, without stand
Screen Size: 84.5 inches
Weight: 110.7 pounds, without stand
Display: QLED
Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)
Refresh Rate: 120Hz

— Speediest Roku OS experience
— FullView edge to edge provides more screen for your buck
— Lifelike picture performance

— Heavy, with cumbersome packaging
— Less-than-great black levels

For many, the main television in the house (i.e. the largest) is still mostly going to serve as a dedicated streaming device. For Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and other streaming destinations, the TCL 85-Inch Class XL Collection QLED 4K UHD comes with a fast and reliable Roku OS.

When it comes to streaming platforms, Roku makes finding content as easy as possible. No standalone Roku is as responsible as the one inside the TCL 85-inch TV, which sets up in seconds and navigates through an easy remote, a smartphone app, or voice controls like Amazon Alexa or Hey Google. A QLED screen with Dolby Vision means you can expect some serious dynamic range when it comes to picture quality. And while you can set your clock to the breathtaking visuals, it’s not as great in rendering black levels as other televisions in the 85-inch class. It’s not terrible, but if this TV has an obvious flaw, it's the occasional contrast flub. The build quality is also incredibly impressive, and the television, while pricey, looks even more expensive than it is with its edge-to-edge screen coverage. You may be breaking down cardboard for a few hours after installing it, as the packaging is a little cumbersome.

Best OLED: LG 83-Inch Class C1 Series OLED 4K UHD Smart webOS TV

Stunning Display. LG

Why It Made The Cut: LG 83-Inch Class C1 Series packs an OLED screen that stuns with sharper whites, deeper blacks, and intense color.

Dimensions: 41.8 inches L x 72.9 inches W x 2.2 inches D, without stand
Screen Size: 82.5 inches
Weight: 71.2 pounds, without stand
Display: OLED
Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)
Refresh Rate: 120Hz

— Brilliant picture quality
— Great for streaming and gaming
— Incredibly slim

— HDMI ports are difficult to access
— WebOS is a clunky backend

For home theaters, there’s nothing like a big, bright screen powered by the self-luminous power of an OLED screen, and the LG 83-Inch Class C1 Series is one of the most gorgeous displays available.

With nearly infinite brightness and contrast, visuals will come in crystal clear, whether you’re watching TV in a sunlit room or a pitch-black home theater. Sharp displays, smooth motion, and swift response times make it equally well for gaming, which provides the kind of immersion you get from a curved screen, without the extra eye strain. Game Optimizer takes full advantage of the latest console tech, to customize settings for games that you can toggle on and off with a simple button press. A dedicated Filmmaker Mode turns off smoothing, and preserves aspect ratios, colors, and frame rates, so you can watch movies the way directors intended them to be watched. The LG 83-inch Class C1 Series is also optimized for live sports, with smooth, fast action that reduces blur, it practically feels like you’ve got courtside seats. Just make sure you plan ahead when setting it up, considering that its HDMI ports are hard to get to once the TV is mounted. The WebOS will also likely leave you cold, but you probably already have a dedicated streaming device to plug in and fix this oversight.

Things to Consider Before Buying an 85-Inch TV


Televisions in this compilation all come with their own stands, but you may still want to mount it. Doing this not only adds an extra layer of safety if you live in a house with kids or small animals, it just plain looks great. A screen size as big as 85 inches truly stands out when it has a wall all to itself. Granted, mounting a TV this size will be a little more difficult considering its size and weight. Ensure that you have the right studs in the room you will be mounting the television. You should also make sure you get the right mount that can accommodate its size, like the VIVO Extra Large Heavy Duty TV Mount, though there are plenty of styles of mount to choose from.


OLED, for the uninitiated, stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. These screens are quite popular, especially in new televisions. OLED screens provide brighter screens, better contrast, wider color ranges, and occasionally faster refresh rates. One of the reasons Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV, 85-inch made our overall best pick is because of its gorgeous OLED screen. Regular LED screens are more affordable, so you can decide for yourself if the splurge is worth it.


Q: Does 4K look good on 85-inch TVs?

4K looks fantastic on a big 85-inch screen, but an 8K like our overall best pick, the Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV, 85-inch, takes full advantage of the screen size.

Q: How much does an 85-inch TV cost?

An 85-inch TV costs anywhere from just over a thousand dollars to several thousand depending on features. Our budget pick is the HiSense 85-Inch Class H65 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Android TV and our best overall pick, the Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV, 85-inch, cover the price spectrum pretty well.

Q: What is the best 85-inch TV?

Our pick for the best overall 85-inch TV is the Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV, 85-inch for its streamlined user interface, sleek build quality, and cinematic visual performance.

Q; Is 4K enough for an 85-inch TV?

For an 85-inch TV, 4K is a perfect resolution for the best in high definition, but many televisions go up to 8K or even higher.

Q: Is there a big difference between a 75- and 85-inch TV?

The obvious difference between 75- and 85-inch TVs is the screen size, though you can also expect to pay much more for an 85-inch TV.

Q: Is an 85-inch TV too big?

An 85-inch TV may be too large for smaller rooms, lofts, or apartments. Before deciding which television to buy, ensure you have the space on an entertainment center or wall to accommodate it.

Q: Is an 85-inch TV too big to mount?

There are plenty of mounts that will support an 85-inch TV with room to spare. The VIVO Extra Large Heavy Duty TV Mount covers screens 60 to 100 inches in size.

Q: How far should you sit from an 85-inch TV?

Optometrists recommend sitting at least 10.5 feet away from 85-inch televisions, though 17.5 feet would be even better.

Final Thoughts on 85-Inch TVs

For civilians, televisions rarely get larger than 85-inch TVs, and for home theaters, why settle for anything smaller? Our overall best is the Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV, 85-inch for its unmatched cinematic performance with a bright screen and sturdy sound system. If you’re looking for a more affordable entry into the 85-inch space, the Hisense 85-Inch Class u7H OLED TV is far more affordable and packed with a surprising amount of versatility.

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