"Project manager" is where the buck both starts and stops in organizations across the world, and it's a uniquely flexible title that gives you the tools to transition between industries and take a leadership role. The Project Management Certifications Tests + Courses Bundle will help you nab three of the most important certifications in the field for just $25.

What Is A Project Manager?

Project managers, or PMs, are responsible for planning, procuring, and executing a project. They serve as the project's representative, addressing concerns, correcting errors, and mediating between departments on a project as needed, a first and often the only point of contact for a project. They're the ones who keep departments talking to each other, ensure the budgets aren't blown, and that everyone sticks to the schedule.

As such, they're in demand. The Project Management Institute (PMI) anticipates that by 2027, the world will need 88 million project managers, and there won't be enough PMs to go around. If you want to capitalize on this demand and start your own career as a PM, you'll need to be certified first, and each course in the Project Management Certifications Tests + Courses Bundle helps set you up for success.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Certification

The first step is securing the Certified Associate in Project Management, or CAPM. Certified by the PMI, CAPM is an entry-level certification awarded on the completion of a 150-question exam and maintained by retaking the exam every five years. This first course, with 29 lectures, contains the 23 contact hours you need to have completed before you can even sit for the exam. Plus, it also gives you detailed explanations of 750 questions across five practice exams to prepare you to pass with flying colors.

Even if you don't plan to maintain your certification, earning one will help you develop a managerial mindset and open new doors inside and outside your industry.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certifications

Next, you'll prepare to earn your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. A PMP certification is universally recognized across the world and across industries, making it an ideal path to a career change for an experienced project manager. This course's 52 lectures will cover the required hours needed to take the PMP exam, using the questions on five sample exams to explore the process of managing a project, from initiation to closure. It also lays the groundwork for the top tier of certifications.

PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)

Any project faces some risk, and project managers are expected to find and mitigate that risk as much as possible. A PMI-certified Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) is trained to locate both threats and opportunities for the project and its staff, and to limit the one while maximizing the other. The 13 lectures and five mock exams included in this course will delve into all aspects of risk management and how it applies to projects, by looking at and taking apart the questions in the exam. Along the way you'll learn all aspects of risk management: How to identify risks; effective and tested evaluation strategies; prioritizing risks to make more effective decisions; and how to choose and implement the right strategy for mitigating the risk. The course also serves as the 30 necessary educational hours needed to take the PMI-RMP exam, so when you're done, you'll be set to jump right in.

Whether you're already certified or just starting out, the Project Management Certifications Tests + Courses Bundle offers an ideal opportunity to refresh your skills and get your course hours in at your pace, instead of having to book an entire weekend or cram night classes around family. Step forward and take the lead for both your organization and your career for only $24.99 with the Project Management Certifications Tests + Courses Bundle.

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