While the rapid expansion of processors and internet connections has a lot of positives, the downside is that when privacy systems fail, or if you lose your files, you're probably on your own. That's where Internxt comes into play. You can get a year-long subscription to Internxt with 2TB of Decentralized Cloud Storage right now for 92% off at just $9.99.

Well-Protected Storage

When you start your backup, the first step Internxt takes in protecting your files is using end-to-end encryption, so nothing leaves your device without a layer of security. There's also a zero knowledge policy that doesn't log any information, so what you upload, download, and share can't be tracked.

All data is split into fragments, and since the data owner is the only one with the decryption key, that means you're the one who decides who sees your data. And from there, Internxt makes it simple to share files as needed.

Easy To Use

Internxt is built to be easy to incorporate into any system, whether you're a freelancer who needs files protected or a small business looking for a better, more secure backup. While the back-end does the heavy lifting, the user interface is built just like other file managers for ease of use and uploading and downloading with a click.

It easily integrates into Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, and other popular services so you can parse out data as needed for projects and teammates, or use it as a secure backup for the team. And it's simple to access as well, with desktop apps, mobile apps, and browser-based tools. Whenever you need to share a file, just generate a link, which you control, and share it with those who need it. Internxt is ideal to keep vital business documents, sensitive project materials, and personal data secure while also at your fingertips.

Get Internxt - 2TB Decentralized Cloud Storage: 1-Year Subscription for $9.99 (reg. $126).

Prices subject to change. 

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